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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Talks Value of Cody Bellinger Despite Slump

The 2021 season has not been what Cody Bellinger had hoped it would be following a down year. He’s only appeared in 32 games so far thanks to a fracture he suffered in his leg running to first base.

However, his return has been difficult to watch as he has been missing pitches, namely fastballs, he was crushing in seasons before. There have been positive moments here and there, yet it hasn’t been pretty as a whole. Despite the slump he’s having at the plate, Dave Roberts mentioned that Bellinger still provides value to the team.

“I think for Cody, it’s just more of the abbreviated Spring training, the broken start [and] stop in the season, and hitting’s hard. For him to be on our club and impact us defensively like he has and to still try to get on track and stay on track offensively is still a work in progress. But, all I expect is, competing and trying to win pitches. When he does that in the box, I think that all the performance will start to line up.”

While he is not providing nearly enough production at the plate as he has in the past, his glove does provide the ball club with more than most realize. Having a Gold Glove Award winner roaming center field can definitely influence the outcome of a game. Just ask the Dodgers who lost a series thanks to poor defense as well as a lack of clutch hitting.

Not only can Belli save runs in the outfield, but having him on the field can free up Chris Taylor to move back into the infield at second base which pushes Max Muncy back to first. 

With that being said, the Dodgers are dealing with injuries and lackluster seasons from many of their contributors. Cody does still provide some value defensively, but the team is in desperate need of 2019 Cody. Even the 2018 version of Cody would be a welcomed sight. Hopefully, everything can start to click for him in the second half. 

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  1. Has any other manager in the history of baseball had a 4 spot hitter below the Mendoza line well into the season? Thanks DR. Your making history. And we’re losing games. We just lost to the worst team baseball.

  2. I think Bellinger is to stubborn to change. His batting stance is much to closed and he opened it up a little at the first of the season and was starting to hit the ball more regularly but after coming back from the injury he is back to the closed stance and hugging the plate and maybe batting him eighth in the lineup may cause him to wise up.

    1. He still has no answer when he sees pitches (fast balls) up and in but on top of strike zone. He continues to swing and miss those pitches as if they were going out of style!

  3. What they should do is DFOF Belli. Designated For Outfield ….only. Even Peters was comparable to Cody defensively w/ covering ground , arm, and more enthusiasm. Missing pitches is a problem for both, but I’ve seen Peters was listening and making changes before he was sent back to make room on the roster. At least he’s a RH power bat making more contact than what Belli is doing now. Plus Belli’s head-down moping feeling sorry for himself is not helping the team’s energy. Take another break, look in the mirror or videos of yourself, and videos of successful professional hitters like the lateTed Williams.

  4. The coaches need to teach him to bunt and hit grounds to left and to stop swinging wildly at pitches down and away or high up. Or, send him down for a while, like they did with Puig; It might be good to try and get Puig back or get someone who can hi; now, he is an almost automatic out, and his outs are not productive ones!

  5. Roberts a total moron…Bellinger hits a mistake (all he ever hits) off a lefty in the 6 spot last night So naturally this moron has him and his .180 back in the cleanup spot today against a righty.
    Roberts REALLY needs to go. All he does is talk. Can’t manage a pitching staff, no strategy such as bunting, moving runners, hitting behind runners, beating a shift, pitchouts as everyone is automatically stealing second and on and on. He’s awful and has won in spite of all his shortcomings. And take Belli with you when you leave. His “slump” is now two years old.

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