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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Thinks He Knows What Has Plagued Walker Buehler Lately

Wednesday night in Colorado was another disappointment for Dodgers pitcher Walker Buehler. Trying to keep pace in the Cy Young race, Buehler needed to come out and dominate against the lowly Rockies. He did not do that. 

Instead, the Rockies roughed him up for 5 runs and Buehler exited in the 4th inning. The Dodgers would go on to lose 10-5 and fall to 2 games back of the Giants in the NL West. Overall, not a great night in Colorado. 

It was Buehler’s second start of the month in which he failed to get out of the 4th inning. All told, he’s allowed 16 earned runs in 19.2 innings of work in September, and that’s bad for Buehler. Dodgers manager Dave Roberts explained after the game that he thinks he knows what part of the issue is. 

Walker is trying to figure out some things after his last few starts and I’m confident he will. I think obviously he’s convicted in kind of figuring out the fastball. With that comes command and sequencing. He’s got the ability to throw a lot of different pitches. I think that sequencing the right way, not getting bullish with a certain pitch, is important. But with Walker, he’s an easy guy to bet on.

Buehler went to his fastball 55 percent of the time in his outing on Wednesday. That’s way up from 44 percent usage on the year with the Dodgers. Part of that might be due to a lack of control of his offspeed stuff, and part might be due to pitching in Colorado. 

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Regardless, it’s worth keeping an eye on the rest of the year. It doesn’t help that Buehler’s velocity was slightly rated down in his last couple of starts, especially when he’s going to it more often. It’s the final push, and the Dodgers are going to need him at his best. 

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  1. Neither Buehler nor Urias is “trending” well at this point. Best be time to be adjusting Scherzer’s schedule for the WC game.

    1. Definitely! Whatever the results turn out to be, the Dodgers need to jump on Scherzer’s back and have him carry the load. He’s ready, willing and able. Ride that Horse!!!

      1. Scherzer had a less than stellar outing his last time. People may be getting tired or succumbing to the pressure of the race.

  2. Beuhler is definitely hurting, physically or mentally and has to get some rest and treatment. Roberts and his coaches and trainers should be able to see this.

  3. Gotta admit I’m concerned! We’re all relying on Scherzer and rightfully so, but with our sometimes spotty offense we wont get far without Urias and Buehler at their best.

  4. Buehler has been off last few starts announcer indicated that his swing and miss number was way down – One point I don’t understand = if you are going to pitch hitters like Story and Cron with hard stuff away – then second baseman should be in normal position rather than in shift – in Scherzer’s inning where he gave up 3 runs both Story and Cron hit what would have been routine ground ball outs to second baseman IF second baseman was in normal position – I am not against the shift but I think the decision to use shift should be in sync with how the particular pitcher plans on going after a particular hitter – in last out in tenth which was a double play, Cron’s ground ball to second baseman would have been another Rocky hit if Dodgers were in shift

  5. Bueller sucks the top picture that I see the ace picture is Scherzer then Julio thin Kershaw

  6. Wouldn’t it be awesome if this is the year Kershaw carries (and Scherzer) the Dodgers through the post season and we win the World Series on Kershaw’s well rested back? Perfect ending!

  7. Roberts should let Urias and Buehler miss one start before October. Catching the Giants would be great but going into the postseason with a rested Urias and Buehler is more important.

  8. If we have a one game Wildcard playoff who do you pitch?
    1) Kershaw? Limited pitches lately
    2) Julio? Yes ice water in his veins proven clutch man.
    3) Scherzer? Save him for game one.
    4) Buehler? Predictably first pitch fastball strike everyone knows.

    Best starters in the game but the bullpen is suspect.

    Dave Roberts , Moms Apple pie, Dodger Blue.

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