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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Thinks These Guys May Have Found Their Swagger

Everything felt different about the series sweep against the Mariners. It wasn’t just that the Dodgers were playing well or even that the bats were coming alive. It was the energy surrounding the team that seemed like it got to a new level. 

Call it a World Series hangover or call it whatever you’d like. The Dodgers were in cruise control to start the season and the energy seemed like it dissipated pretty quickly. But this series against Seattle brought out a lot of that ferocity that fans got used to in the World Series run. 

Even Dave Roberts thinks there is a little bit of a change in the air. When the Dodger skipper was asked if the guys got their swagger back, Doc smiled before he gave this answer. 

“I do. And I think you know you look at Gavin [Lux] coming on, Matt Beaty coming on. It just adds that length to the lineup. And you mix that with good pitching, good defense, and what Max [Muncy] has done consistently and the guys in the middle of the order…just all around, we’re playing much better. We have too good of talent to have guys continue to struggle collectively.”

To say that some key guys are coming around for the Dodgers is an understatement. Gavin Lux had an amazing series that included a game-winning home run on Tuesday. Matt Beaty has done nothing but hit since being recalled and he continued that on Wednesday. 

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“This is the team that we are. We really haven’t showed it at all the last couple of weeks,” added Muncy. “It’s been frustrating. It’s been a long couple weeks. But, these two games can jumpstart us a little bit.”

The Dodgers also have the consistent starting pitching needed to win ballgames. That’s never really been an issue this year, even after Dustin May went down for the season. But Julio Urias turned in a gem and the offense finally took advantage. 

It might not be anything, but these wins certainly had a different feel to them. If the Dodgers get back on track, the NL West is in trouble. On to the Marlins on Friday.

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    1. And we’ll find out more on Friday against the Marlins. I would also say that a trade to fill the spot vacated by Rios may be necessary if Peters, Raley, and Neuse continue to tank.

  1. 2 solid wins ( not ugly wins) but clean games by the offense, defense, SP & BP, and game management. It’s a start in the right direction and finally looking like the real Dodgers . Like I said the bottom half of the order have to get it going to set the table for the top of the order…..then it really lengthens the line-up. Good for you Lux, Beaty, and Mad Max! I see energy is back, smiles in the dugout, less frowns on DR forehead, and more oomph in their step. Funny what winning does. Keep it going and remember what adjustments were made.

      1. Well yeah, the pitcher can push’em up or slash if the batters get on or a ph’ter can come in hit or pass the baton. But nothing happens if the 6th,7th,8th hitters do nothing like in the past losing streak. At least there’s stress on the defense and opponent’s manager to make moves when the top of the order is looming on deck.

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