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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Took Issue With the Angels Bunting Down 13 Runs

We’ll call the Dodgers’ win against the Angels on Saturday a rollercoaster of emotions. Up 13 runs at one point, the Angels stormed back against LA’s bullpen and made it a 3-run game. There were also just a bunch of really odd plays and bounces throughout the high-scoring matchup. 

There was one play in particular that just seemed very strange given the circumstances. With 1 out in the 5th inning, Angels’ outfielder Taylor Ward tried to lay down a bunt with a runner on. ax Muncy threw out the lead runner at second, but several Dodgers players seemed annoyed, including Clayton Kershaw. 

And to be fair, bunting down 13 runs does seem like a strange idea. But Ward hasn’t had a great start to the season and he was looking to get on base any way possible. But Dodgers manager Dave Roberts gave his harsh opinion on the bunt attempt after the game. 

It’s just not a good baseball play. No matter what way you slice it, it’s just not a good baseball play. 

Kershaw was not asked about the attempt in the postgame press conferences. But Doc was pretty straightforward on how he felt about it. Funny enough, this all happened before the Dodgers lost their 13-run lead, so the timing of them being irked was sort of comical. 

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Regardless, the Dodgers found a way to lock things down and walk away with a win over Anaheim. They’ll look to take their first series since defeating the Padres twice in the middle of April. Trevor Bauer will be on the bump for Los Angeles going up against LHP Jose Quintana. 

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  1. Hey Roberts:

    Your bullpen gave away a ton of runs and nearly blew the game and you’re worried about a bunt? Go to Trader Joe’s and buy some cheese to go with your whine!

    1. LOL. But true. This Dodger BP was close to making MLB history. The largest deficit any team overcame to come back and win a game was 12 runs. Unbelievable how bad White, Cleverer were. And because of that it did make to question Robert’s decision to pull CK after 5 innings and 71 pitches.

  2. Maybe Dodgers should worry more about what they’re doing and not so much about what is going on with the other team?

  3. Dave Roberts has a problem when things start to get complicated. He did a lot better last year, when he had the DH rule every day. The DH rule makes a Manager’s job much less complex.
    Unfortunately, now we’re back to normal (no DH in National League), with Dave running out of bench players often. Also, when there is a DH game, Dave sometimes loses the DH option during the game because the (DH) player is moved to the field, causing the pitcher to have to bat for himself.

  4. Why was the bunt such a terrible baseball play? The Dodgers are making a ton of bad baseball plays, in the field and on the bases, but I don’t see the opposing managers getting too upset.

  5. All comments from any team member should be directed inwardly at the team because right now they stink and there’s no excuse. They can get back on their high horse after they stop embarrassing themselves.

  6. I completely agree with Mark, and would add while you had your starting catcher playing 2nd base, and others also out of position. Was I the only fan who saw all of those Angel hits going through holes left by shifted infielders? Seemed to happen often, and this was not the first game. Manny M. beat them last week by doing the same thing. Roberts is getting out-managed, and he was very lucky it did not happen again last night.

  7. Ballplayers have forgotten how to use the bunt. In a game you are certain to los+e it would be good practice in a game situation to do it for the time when you really do.

  8. Perhaps Roberts should be taking notes on how other managers manufacture runs for their team rather than sitting back and hoping someone hits a home run.

  9. No matter how you slice it, it’s just not good bullpen play. That includes Kelly getting rocked the day before.

  10. With this bullpen the opponent is never out of the game. Worry about your own team. The Angels did nothing wrong. Maybe we were just lucky to win it last year with this yahoo at the helm.

  11. I think Clayton and doc are wrong on this one. Down 13 runs, you do anything you can to get on base, move the runner along, get something/anything going. This may explain why we never see the Dodgers bunt. It’s foreign to them! and the defenders have to run to the ball, field it, and make a good throw to get a runner/batter out. C’mon Dodgers!

  12. maybe when you have a 13-run lead
    you could take off the shift, and the
    other guys would be less likely to bunt.

  13. I don’t get it. Isn’t it supposed to be bad when the team up by 13 bunts not the one who’s down

    1. Absolutely Don.
      Can’t believe Doc went there. Clayton either for that matter. Embarrassed for both of them, especially since the Angel’s almost pulled off the comeback.
      Doc’s probably pissed due to having to use his setup man and closer to hold on to a 13 run lead.

  14. All the Angels wanted to do was get into your small-minded head which they did and almost pulled off a big comeback and totally embarrass a World Series Champion! Just worry about your team and think outside the box to win some games, then you won’t get out managed and out coached so often.

  15. Don’t complain about the other team when you can’t even begin to manage our team.. Roberts has to GO !!

  16. Maybe the Dodgers should try bunting or stealing a base once in awhile instead of standing at first waiting for 3 hits to score a run. That bunt could have sparked the Angels, even if not successful.
    At least they avoided a double play.

  17. Ward hasn’t had a great start to the season and he was looking to get on base any way possible. But Dodgers manager Dave Roberts gave his harsh opinion on the bunt attempt after the game.

    “It’s just not a good baseball play. No matter what way you slice it, it’s just not a good baseball play.”

    Dave Roberts would not know a good baseball play if it kicked him in the head

    1. If he didn’t play the shift with a 13 run lead, then there would be no bunt… Bunting is how you beat that stupid shift!!!

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