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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Unsure if Trevor Bauer Shows Up This Weekend

It was a good night for the Dodgers on Friday. Playing on Jackie Robinson Day and celebrating the 75th anniversary of him breaking the color barrier, they came out and beat the Reds in a close game. That came thanks to a solid combined outing from Tony Gonsolin and Tyler Anderson, who pitched 8 innings together and allowed just 1 run. 

But after the game, the conversation did shift a little bit. Dodgers fans had been talking all day about the possibility of Trevor Bauer returning. That came after a report from the LA Times suggested that he might try to fight his administrative leave and show up to the stadium on Sunday afternoon.

According to the LA Times report, there may be a concern with the way that the league and the player’s union agreed to extend Bauer’s leave. They add that he may try to argue against the fact that it is not binding, in which case the Dodgers pitcher could show up at the Ravine this Sunday.

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When asked before the game on Friday about Bauer, Dave Roberts just said that he had no idea if he would be showing up this weekend. The Dodgers manager has not been able to say much about him while the league has him placed on administrative leave, shifting his focus instead to guys that are in the clubhouse. 

But if that leave is not binding, the report also adds that MLB would have to suspend Bauer in order to prevent him from being with the Dodgers on Sunday. And that opens up a whole other issue, something that the league could potentially have a lot of trouble with. 

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  1. Good for him and maybe the Dodgers too. Regardless of your opinion of him, the league has sat on this long enough. It took less time to develop the Covid vaccine. If it’s true, it will force the league’s hand and maybe the Dodgers can get out from under it.

  2. More than enough information has come out and plenty of time and investigation has taken place over this. The MLB should have already decided. If you read everything about this case it is hard to come away with any conclusion other than Bauer is innocent and was set up. Was he stupid? Yes. Does that mean he shouldn’t play, nope, not at all. I sincerely hope he is pitching for the Dodgers soon. I have a strong feeling the entire stadium will give him a standing ovation and back him 100%. It’s just too obvious the dude is innocent. You may not like the guy, but nobody’s life should be ruined over false allegations.

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