Dodgers: Dave Roberts Wants Turner to be Manager One Day

With so many playoff appearances and successes under his belt, the Dodgers likely will not be looking to replace Dave Roberts anytime soon. That might be annoying to hear for a select few fans within Los Angeles, but for the most part, fans have been very appreciative of the success he has helped bring to the organization.

With that in mind, Robert had some of the highest praise imaginable for one of the current Dodgers. Roberts appeared on Joe Davis and Orel Hershiser’s Off-Air Podcast and talked about the idea of Justin Turner managing the team one day.

I don’t know how long I’m going to have the luxury, the opportunity to do this. But I think somebody who understands the Dodger organization, the history, appreciates it, is from Southern California, played for the Dodgers, is forward-thinking, and a grinder that fans can associate with. And just connects with media, he can manage above. I think he will connect with the players. So for me, I joke with [JT] all of the time. Not that I’m trying to shorten his career by any means. But I do think for me, I would like to see that transition.

As it turns out, Roberts isn’t the only one to think so highly of Turner. One MLB pundit said back in April that JT just makes so much sense. Given the leadership that Turner exemplifies on a team full of established veterans, it would make sense. The Dodgers are stacked with potential future coaches and leaders, but Turner stands out above them all. 

At 35-years-old, JT is likely closing in on the end part of his career. He no doubt has a few good years left in the tank, but it’s likely he’s thinking beyond his playing career by now. The Dodgers have a history of developing veteran players into coaches and advisors, so he could very well find himself managing one day. 

Maybe he takes the Roberts’ career path and manages the Dodgers one day?

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  1. I’d love for him to manage here as long as he’s not a puppet like Roberts. Him having been a player that’s lost many playoff games because of the nerds, he may actually stand up to whichever nerd is in charge in the future

  2. Justin Turner is a leader. something roberts is not roberts takes the Lords name in vain on National TV. Crosses his arms and flips the bird on TV because he lost the World Series and was called out on it. I done want to take my family to the park because of roberts.

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