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Dodgers: David Price Calls Out Rob Manfred on Issue of Player Health

David Price may have opted out of the season, but he’s still just as involved from home. The Dodgers’ starter issued a strong statement against MLB today in the wake of a COVID outbreak.

Following the news that the Marlins had 11 players test positive, Price took to Twitter to voice his concerns. Price had decided not to play the season with the Dodgers out of a concern for his own health, as well as his family’s health. 

Price seemed to call out MLB and commissioner Rob Manfred, citing their previous concern for the health of players. The Dodgers pitcher made it clear that one of the main reasons that he chose to not play in 2020 is that he felt that the league was not sincere in sharing that sentiment. 

A major concern for players all along is that they felt their health was not at the forefront of conversations. The financial aspect of the game seemed to control the course of conversation from the start, and it doesn’t appear that has changed at all. The fact that Marlins players were allowed to play on Sunday at all should show that the league is certainly falling short in it’s goal of keeping players safe. 

The Dodgers were set to fly to Houston today for a two-game series that begins tomorrow. It’s unclear right now if they will continue to do so, as MLB gets on a call with all 30 organizations today. Team president Stan Kasten did say on Monday that he felt that a breakout was inevitable and that the league planned for such a scenario. 

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  1. Is it possible that sabotage was involved?
    Or just people with good intentions that you could never plan well enough? Or just stupid planning?

  2. I remember the first tower in New York being hit and a group of of thought and said this looks like a terrorist attack. A few said that’s stupid no one would cause a place to hit one of the towers. I’ll NEVER forget that nor the comments made. My work colleagues and I still to this day remember it happening and the comments made after the first plane. Then the admittance by those who said we were crazy conspiracists. It never felt good to tell them they should never put it past crazy people.

    1. It was a terrorist attack.. by our own rulers to scare and get suppprt from the public to invade the boogy man for other unrelated purpose and agenda. This country has never been the same since and we’ve lost more and more rights every year after

  3. Incredibly enough, the league can’t leave that kind of decision up to the players, who in this case voted to play, knowing they had some positive cases of coronavirus within their midst! That’s a HUGE red flag if that’s part of MLBs strategy!

  4. Didn’t MLB want bubble cities like seem to be working well for the NBA and NHL? It was the players who rejected that idea which would have allowed a four or five-month schedule.

  5. The fact that they are trying to play baseball is ridiculous. The virus is getting worse and is now out of control in this country. What did they expect? And they will keep playing until teams can’t field a competitive teams? They already have 4/5 teams that can’t field a big league team. Shows that most players care more about the money than health and family.

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