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Dodgers: David Price Could Be Used As a Game 4 Starter

If the Dodgers are going to beat the Giants in the Division Series, it will take them at least 4 games. Falling to the Giants in Game 1 makes it so that Dave Roberts will ultimately need to make a decision on a starter for the 4th game. 

With the injury to Clayton Kershaw, the Dodgers don’t necessarily have a solid 4 guys in the rotation. Tony Gonsolin could be the final starter, but even he has struggled through things in the 2021 season. 

Prior to Game 1, Dave Roberts talked about his rotation and how he sees it playing out. The Dodgers are considering all options, and that includes the possibility of using David Price as an opener should the need arise

Roberts has shown a willingness in 2021 to use Price as an opener. Depending on how the opposing team lines up, he could do that again and piggyback Tony Gonsolin. That would likely only play out if the Giants came out with a few left-handed hitters at the top.  

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Still, it will be interesting to see what direction the Dodgers go. Gonsolin has not been the 2020 version of himself, but he still offers length and the ability to put up good numbers. Price is an established veteran who has been through his share of aches and pains but can also get it done. 

Really, there is no right answer here. 

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  1. If Price starts Game 4 over Gonsolin, Roberts should be kicked out the door!!

  2. The answer is….Price should only pitch batting practice but still, he’s such a nice guy,

    1. Hilarious comments for a sad Saturday. “Put me in coach, I’m ready to play, today” lol

    1. MGB, yes there will be a game 4. It will be game 4 that’s ends the Giants fairytale season. All those old guys can rest up for 2022 after that. Meanwhile the Dodgers will continue to March on their way to REPEAT LA!

  3. Gonsolin no brainer. let him try and hold the giants to two runs in four innings and then bullpen it.

  4. All is well in Dodgerland tonight after a serious beat-down delivered. I loved DR’s post game interview “interesting how fast the narrative changes”. Great team win, contributions from everyone but JT. Not the slightest bit worried about the most prolific postseason hitter in Dodger history, he had the night off lol. Really nice to see the bottom half of the order showing up. “Babe” Urias got us the ball rolling lol. Giants couldn’t stop the runaway freight train tonight.

    Now Giants get to hear 55,000 screaming fans yelling REPEAT LA!!! Good luck with that. Mad Max on the hill? Giants, get ready for the pain!

  5. If They don’t want to go back to SF and face Webb, they should start Buehler in Game 4 it will be more than 3 days rest with Urias in the bullpen, going back to SF is not a place of fond memories for Buehler.Of course first we have to take game 3, which will be tough enough with these gritty Giants and hopefully Max can get back to his normal game.

  6. Both Gonsolin and Price are not going to shut down SF. They both give up lots of home runs. And Gonsolin takes a ton of pitched to get outs in that the 2nd inning of his games he always seems to have thrown 49 pitches to get 3 outs. We are going to need to score a TON of runs with either of those 2 guys pitching.

    1. Jose, I agree with you. I wouldn’t expect to get a shut-down performance from either Gonsolin or Price. However, the Dodgers have torched Giants game 4 starter Desclafani twice already this year. With a very likely opportunity to, close out the series, on Tuesday, I think the Dodger pitching will be adequate enough to get the job done. But first things first. Let’s win tonight and really turn up the heat on those Giants.

  7. Price would be a disaster to put in the game with so much at stake. I’d start Bickford before him. Gonsolin should pitch until he walks someone, which would be a 3 pitch minimum, but both guys Price and Gonsolin would get tore up by SF…..

    1. Let’s worry about Game 4 tomorrow. Dodgers, salt game 3 away early. Don’t make me sweat bullets like the WC game please.

  8. They should start Buehler even, it will be almost 4 days rest by game time. He is not successful in Oracle Park and would be a problem in game 5 as evidenced by his last 2 starts there. Start Buehler put Urias in the bullpen, these are young arms and this is when they’re needed. Koufax pitched on 2 days rest in 1965 WS after pitching a complete game shutout on Monday, he threw another on Thursday all this with arthritis in his throwing arm.

    1. Maybe pitching on 2 days rest was the cause of the arm trouble for Koufax. That might be speculation. But Urias has a history of shoulder problems and that is why the Dodgers treat him with kid gloves.

  9. It doesn’t matter who starts. Another offensive showing like games 1&3 and the Dodgers are done.

    Let’s bring those bats tonight!

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