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Dodgers: David Price Knows He is Facing an Uphill Battle

Anyone in baseball knows that this is a very strange time in the sport. It’s not every year that players get what amounts to a second offseason resulting from a global pandemic. But that’s exactly where David Price finds himself with the Dodgers in 2020. With a bitter ending in Boston, everything seemed to be trending up with Price making the move out west. 

COVID-19 has not only thrown off David Price’s spring routine but every person in baseball. Realistically, every single person in the world. Price understands that it’s going to be difficult to roll with the punches an be ready to go when the bell rings. 

Keeping your arm moving and continue to play catch…it will help us kinda get through it…Throw as many bullpens as you want or play catch as many times, but unless you’re out there facing hitters, it’s tough to get to that intensity. 

There is good news out of all of this for a guy like David Price though. If anyone can face adversity head-on and defeat it, it’s certainly him. Price signed a massive $217 million contract with the Red Sox that was supposed to run through 2022. Instead, he pitched just four seasons there, and most were disappointing for Boston’s fanbase. When you’re paying a guy an average of over $30 million a year, you expect elite numbers. Instead, Boston got the numbers of a number four starter.

Price also faced wrist surgery in September of last year to remove a cyst. The surgery was on his throwing arm. Since coming to the Dodgers, Price had said that before that surgery feeling in his hand would come and go. 

I feel like I’ve done this for a long time so I have a pretty good idea of what I’m trying to do out there on the mound and who I am. So just kinda keeping that all in perspective and I had a bunch of good teammates as well. 

Price won the Cy Young Award way back in 2012 with the Tampa Bay Rays. Since he came to the Red Sox, he has pitched to the tune of a 3.84 earned run average across 98 starts. 

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