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Dodgers: David Price Opts Out of the 2020 Season

Happy Fourth of July everyone, we have some news to report. The Dodgers had previously said that they did not expect anyone to opt-out of the season, but that appears to have changed. 

David Price announced that he has chosen to sit out the 2020 season. Price cited the health and safety of his family for reasons as to sitting out the season, and understandably so. 

The good news for the Dodgers is that they have plenty of depth to account for the loss of Price in the rotation. Dustin May, Tony Gonsolin, Ross Stripling, and Jimmy Nelson all represent possible replacements for him.

The Dodgers issued the following statement in the hours after Price made the announcement. 

The Dodgers fully support David’s decision to sit out the 2020 season. We have been in constant contact with David and we understand how much this deliberation weighed on him and his family. We know he’ll be rooting hard for the club every day and look forward to having him back with us in 2021.
Price was set to make $11.6 million this season, with the Red Sox set to pay him for half of that. Both teams save out on roughly $6 million with Price opting out. 

Dodgers fans have gotten to know Price well over the last couple of weeks, as he has been in the news cycle fairly often. He made headlines last month when he committed to pay minor league players $1000 each out of his own pocket in order to help them get through the baseball hiatus. 

The Dodgers acquired Price in a trade with the Red Sox that landed them Mookie Betts back in February. Price had two years left on his contract after the 2020 season. This story is developing. 

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  1. If one leaves there’s usually another that will leave too. Everyone’s holding their breaths, hopefully the season will be finished, though shortened.

    1. SI currently has the odds of a 2020 baseball season at 75%. I have the odds of a 2020 season through a world series at 15%. I expect an attempt to play games, followed by a halt, followed by a official cancellation as players withdraw and virus numbers go up.

  2. He wouldn’t have done much anyway. This opens an opportunity for one of our younger starters who would’ve gotten shafted

  3. I wish his service time WOULD count so that terrible contract would have one less year on it. If the Dodgers are willing to give him service time without the money, I wish MLB would allow them to.

  4. I was never a fan of his as Price always seemed to get barttered whenever he pitched against the Yankees. I am always leery of Dodger trades with the Red Sox ever since they stuck us with that awful Carl Crawford contract, and who would be surprised if Mookie Betts let LA after this shortened season? I think the Dodgers are going to regret giving up Alex Verdugo. I am hoping that the over the hill A. J. Pollock it’s out of this season too.

  5. Not a David Price fan …..but I agree with his decision because his health and his family’s health are his decision to make. I encourage all players to make this personal decision as they see fit. I love the Dodgers, but I love humanity and health and well being more.

  6. David is a smart man. And I disagree with earlier expressed opinion on his worth.
    I would rather have Price in the rotation this year than anyone else scheduled to pitch behind him in the rotation.

  7. I am sick and tired of these rich cry babies (including the owners) who are opting out, or complaining, about the season. They will continue to get paid, yes a prorated amount but it’s still more that most American’s will make in a year or two. They are in the age bracket, not counting they are in top shape, that this virus has little affect on and they are afraid. Come on, grow a pair. I haven’t watched football or basketball because of the message they are putting out and it seems that MLB is going down a similar road.

  8. ‘We know he’ll be rooting hard for the club every day ‘

    Awwww isnt that so PC. Be safe, Davy.

  9. C Bates: You sound angry….possibly jealous?
    Please remember that Price is giving up his salary (12M) for taking this position and …. Family comes first. I expect he’s a decent guy as well as parent.
    Anger is destroying us/U.S..

  10. in view of what is going on you can’t blame him for doing this the virus is hitting people of all ages

  11. i’m fine with him sitting out 2020 season, let’s hope he doesn’t come down with another wrist injury from playing too many video games !!!!

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