Dodgers Dee Gordon Visits Baseball Camp, Talks Foam Party (VIDEO)

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Los Angeles Dodgers All-Star second-baseman Dee Gordon visited The Refinery: Baseball and Softball Training Facility this week.

Gordon took some time on a day off to visit the summer camp at the Torrance facility and answer some questions from campers before signing some autographs. The 26-year-old second baseman has become a bit of a motivational story this year after working his way from Triple-A starter to National League All-Star.

Some of the questions Gordon took from the crowd included his ability to hit home runs as a “small guy” and if he was faster than Yasiel Puig. However, the most intriguing question came when a camper asked about the foam party that ensues following Dodger home runs or key moments.

Gordon gave the long version of the bubbles and dancing:

The story is, we asked Matt Kemp to throw us a foam party after we clinched the playoffs last year. He didn’t throw the foam party so now every time somebody homers, we have our own foam party.”

The bubble machine has become a staple in the dugout and has become one of the pieces of the Dodgers turnaround. They have come together as a team recently and erased a 9.5 game deficit in the standings before the All-Star break. Home run celebrations have become a production in the dugout and have the Dodgers looking like the team that made a run to the NLCS last season.

For Gordon, the change from 2013 to 2014 has been more than a bubble machine, as he has become a catalyst at the top of the order and leads the entire league in stolen bases. If he can continue to produce, the Dodgers are likely to remain successful and try to reach their first World Series since winning it in 1988.

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