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Dodgers: Despite Series Loss, Los Angeles Remains On Top of the Power Rankings

The Dodgers are coming off of their first series loss of the season against the Rockies. Not only did they lose the series, but they lost it with questionable decisions and a very poor bullpen performance. Despite that, LA is still getting the praise that they rightfully deserve. 

While they did lose two games to Colorado, the Dodgers also dominated the Diamondbacks all week. They swept them out of Los Angeles and put up 14 runs in the process. At 30 wins, the next closest team is Tampa Bay with 28. More from

The first team in baseball to reach 30 wins, the Dodgers recently matched their best 40-game start in franchise history. They also started this way through their first 40 in 1888, 1955 and 1977. Additionally, they became the fifth team in the expansion era (since 1961) to win at least 30 of its first 40 games. The other four: the 1984 Tigers (won the World Series); 1998 Yankees (won the World Series), 2001 Mariners (lost the ALCS); and the ’77 Dodgers(Lose the World Series)

With a 5 game lead in the NL West and only18 games left to play, the Dodgers path to the playoffs should come pretty easy. The only real question at this point is which team they will play in the first round. If they manage to finish as the number one seed in the NL, they could potentially match up with the lowest seed. Depending on which team it is, that could end up working in their favor big time. 

The Dodgers will start a series in Arizona on Tuesday night against the Diamondbacks. After that, they travel back home for a short series against the Astros once again. 

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  1. The Dodger record with Pederson, Muncy and Bellinger not hitting as well as expected is amazing.
    The pitching especially the bullpen has been the MVP of this team.
    A little concerned that Urias has been so erratic. He has not been able to pitch through 5 innings and has had a lot of control issues.
    At this point Urias may need to go back to the bullpen and switch out with Wood.
    In a 3 game series Kershaw, Buehler and either May or Gonsolin would be a great starting 3. Very concerned the first playoff is only 3 games where a lucky bounce or hot player can determine the result. Second series is only 5 games. Not sure why MLB decided to go with a 3, 5 7 format for playoffs as there aren’t any fans and the owners are greedy so why not longer playoff series?
    I think this Dodger team can beat anyone in a 7 game series in a shorter series it it more about momentum and luck. And Roberts poor pitching decisions.

    1. Tmax. Your last sentence is right. This page starts out by mentioning questionable decisions and another poor BP performance, especially allowing a former Dodger to hit the game winning homer.

  2. On a day when they keep talking about Cal Ripken’s 2000+ game streak. Roberts gives Mookie Betts a “day off”. Was he injured or something? Wife giving birth? Saving his arm for the playoffs? Unless their is a injury or physical problem, Betts, Bellinger, Seager, and Pollack should both demand and expect to play every day, and the others compete for playing time. So Betts is given Sunday off. Monday is an off day. The next Friday is an off day. What is Roberts thinking? Three games over the next 5 days is a grind? The Dodgers channel is talking about Satchel Page pitching both ends of a double header! Those guys didn’t get paid squat. Players today will be lucky to get a 30 game consecutive games played streak, and just call them IRON MEN!

    1. I too thought giving Betts the day off – particularly with JT injured – questionable. Then to hit Lux lead off instead of Taylor just capped it off.

      The lineup didn’t cost them the game because they did score 6 runs but, not to be deterred, Roberts then went to Ferguson instead of Treinen who only threw 12 pitches the previous game and was likely itching to get back in there to atone.

      I find myself becoming more and more hostile to Roberts’ decisions because I just can’t follow the thought process. He’s hardcore left/right match ups then he ignores them at the worst possible moments. Very puzzling.

      1. Tatis and Machado have played all 43 games for San Diego. Opposing managers must be over the moon when they see the Dodgers line up and Bellinger or Betts sitting out a game. Roberts said he had no intention under any circumstances pinch hitting Betts on Sunday. Compare that to Lasorda and Kirk Gibson. Lasorda checked in with him every half inning to see if he could play. Gibson said no. Finally after hearing Scully talking about Gibson not being available, Gibson tells Lasorda to put him in. The most dramatic home run in Dogers history would never occur if Roberts was manager. He wouldn’t have allowed Gibby to play. He wouldn’t have asked Gibby to pull it together and go beyond himself. He won’t even ask a healthy player given a day off to pinch hit, much less take over for a laggard.

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