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Dodgers: Despite Team Struggles, Gavin Lux Says Clubhouse Vibes Remain Strong

The Dodgers steamrolled into the season as the prohibitive favorites to win it all in 2021. That would make them the first team to go back-to-back since the 1999-2000 New York Yankees. But maybe that was a little much to live up to?

It didn’t seem so at first. LA won 13 of its first 15 games and built a commanding lead over the field in the NL West. Since that high point, the team is an MLB-worst 4-12 and has slipped into third place in the division.

Through the struggles, however, the players are staying positive. Dave Roberts has mentioned his light and loose clubhouse blasting music before games of late. Maybe that’s because they haven’t been able to hit play on the boombox after many games recently…

Before Tuesday’s doubleheader loss, second baseman Gavin Lux confirmed the energy remains the same as it always has.

The vibe [in the clubhouse] hasn’t changed at all. We’re a really good team, we know that. Obviously, we didn’t play great, but going into the next game, we’re feeling fine. There’s no worries.

If vibes aren’t translating to wins, then what good are they, if we’re being honest? Maybe the clubhouse is too loose while mired in a skid of semi-epic proportions (points for being overdramatic)? Maybe Mookie’s spring training error tip jar needs to be in the middle of the clubhouse and triple it’s fine?

Yes, these Dodgers are too good to be this bad. And yes, these Dodgers are pretty damn hurt at the moment. Cody Bellinger has played all of 4 (!) games this season. Five arms expected to be picking high-leverage innings in the bullpen are on the injured list not overly close to returning. But there’s too much talent to have the worst record in baseball for the last two-plus weeks.

So how about this, Dodgers… no boombox and good vibes before the game? Show up ready to play a championship level of baseball, win a ballgame, and hit that play button after the game. I hear “I Love LA” by Randy Newman is a solid little ditty.

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  1. Wasn’t Betts supposed to keep this team serious? He did last year but obviously this year they don’t seem concerned when they should be. Also the depth isn’t close to as quality as in years past

    1. Exactly, Don. We have witnessed that in the last 16 or so games. But again, I have seen on several occasions where the lack of a DH has really hurt too. Instead we have seen Roberts forced to bat a pitcher in bases loaded late inning situations only see see the pitcher strike out to end an inning.

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