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Dodgers: Despite Unrest Around MLB, LA Will Travel to Houston as Scheduled

On Monday morning, news broke that the Marlins had experienced 11 positive COVID-19 tests. Despite the uncertainty swirling around the baseball world, the Dodgers will still board a plane and head for Houston. 

MLB reportedly had a phone call with all 30 teams on Monday afternoon to update organizations on the status of testing. As it stands now, the intention is to continue playing games this week with the exception of a few. With that news, the Dodgers will proceed as scheduled. Manager Dave Roberts talked about the uncertainty behind traveling to another team’s ballpark on Sunday.

I’m pretty optimistic. I think that certainly it’s unknown but understanding we’re flying. All the people that are flying with us are going to be Tier One, going from the airplane to the hotels. The food will be delivered, brought to us individually on the plane and then we’ll get to Houston and then eat their individually packaged meals. And I expect everyone to stay in the hotel and then go to the ballpark and sort of go from the ballpark to the hotel, hotel to the ballpark…I’m encouraged. I think we’ll be fine.

As if this season wasn’t ready complicated enough, travel will be tough to navigate for however long games last. The league has fortunately planned out the scheduled to mostly stay regional, but it still leaves the Dodgers traveling all the way to Seattle, Colorado, and Houston. Not exactly a short trip for teams in the AL and NL West. 

Add in the fact that the Dodgers have to travel to two of the hottest COVID zones in the country in Arizona and Texas, and you have more than a few nervous fans. The league had previously expanded the player pool in order to allow for outbreaks such as this to not completely devastate a team. Regardless, the Marlins playing without 11 of their rostered guys for at least two weeks is a huge blow. 

The Dodgers will play two in Houston starting on Tuesday before heading to Arizona for four games. After that, they head to San Diego to take on the Padres. 

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  1. This season won’t be completed but we probably weren’t going to win anything anyway

  2. While it is his right to withhold the reason he showed up late, I thought his comment that it wasn’t anybody’s business was a bit cold, and set a fan unfriendly mood for a highly regarded prospect. His declaration that winning rookie of the year, a personal as opposed to team goal, also lacked humility. Maybe getting his attitude on straight is also something for him to work on while getting his hitting stroke right.

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