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Dodgers Did Not Offer Anthony Rendon a Contract, Per Report

Via reputable sources close to the Los Angeles Dodgers, it was stated that Anthony Rendon was viewed as highly as any free agent in the Andrew Friedman era. However in the end, that high impression of Rendon was not enough for the Dodgers’ front office to offer Rendon a contract in free agency.

Indeed despite all of the reports that said the Dodgers were ‘in on Rendon’ up until Wednesday, Jorge Castillo tweets a sobering update in the wake of Rendon signing with the nearby Los Angeles Angels.

Now, Castillo says the Dodgers had a sense that Rendon did not want to play in Los Angeles. By comparison – and as you now know – Rendon signed a 7-year, $245 million dollar contract to play with Mike Trout in nearby Anaheim.

Undeniably, the Dodgers have some explaining to do to their fan base and the baseball community in general. For instance, so many questions exist.

First off, manager Dave Roberts was on MLB Network Radio on Tuesday night talking about the meeting he had with Rendon and his wife. Second, the Dodgers have been talking about Justin Turner changing positions from third base to make room for Rendon since October.

Finally, all the conjecture about Rendon being the prized free agent in existence of the Friedman era just creates question marks.

Without question, it’s worth wondering if Stan Kasten and company really understand how badly stuff like this hurts. Remember, Kasten said on MLB Network on Tuesday that the losses the Dodgers suffer hurt the front office executives more than the fans.

Truly if that is the case, don’t you pick up the phone and at least find out if Rendon is really that averse to playing in California? Especially given the fact that your veteran leader is willing to change positions for him?

For once, I am left with an almost unlimited amount of questions. And all of us will be left with the fallout explanation of why it went down this way between Rendon and the Dodgers.

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  1. The FO ‘appears’ makes every effort to “be in on” a FA but for some reason it just never happens (not willing to another year, player doesn’t want to play in LA, etc). I have been saying all along that Friedman and Kasten feel that as long as they make the attempt the fan base will buy it. They want their players and fans to go that extra mile to win and support them but they don’t seem capable of doing the same thing. Unless they truly have something in the works with Cleveland (which I doubt) this is just another brick out of the wall.

    Well, at least I can’t watch them on TV.

  2. There might be another reason the Dodgers didn’t offer on Rendon. Maybe the Lindor trade is going to happen and Seager is moving to 3rd base?

    1. Or, if Dodgers are all in on Gavin Lux, he will be starting shortstop, with Seager going to 3rd.

        1. You could be right about an Lindor or Arenado trade, but based on the FO history, they don’t trade the number of players (ML ready) it would require to either of those trades. As with the Free Agents, they’ll offer just enough to appear to be truly interested only to say the other club wanted too much.

          I hope I’m wrong because I think both players would be perfect for the Dodgers.

        2. Rendon and other players do not feel the Dodgers are a good team to play for and it’s mainly because of Roberts. Now this team will be once again too LH hitter friendly and their ‘lefty’ offense will once again be exposed all year and should they make it to October, expect the same pitiful results.

          1. you have a great imagination. not one player has ever said that!

  3. Strike 3, Dodgers are out. Same ol B.S….. I’m done with this team, Boycott..No more money from me Stan, and Andy. Go Lakers, and Rams………….You guys are losers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I received a lot of very similar DM’s from friends and Dodgers fans on twitter last night. I laughed a little and replied “see you in April.”

        1. I hear you. I am down on Roberts, and Friedman right now and ownership. I never thought I would say that but this is a puzzling story.

  4. As long as the front office makes $$$$$ they really don’t care if they win the WS. Not gonna invest any serious kind of money if they can go cheap. Look for them to sign strike out machine Donaldson on the cheap. Their kind of move.

    1. I think that there is levity in this. They know as an organization that they’re a good to very good team, and they will compete. For this ownership group, being in the mix and making great money as a marquee franchise is good enough. Winning it all – if it happens – is great. It is not the end all, be all.

      1. The Angels showed up the Dodgers big time because their ownership goes out and does what it takes to get the players they need, while Freidman and Kasten just have excuses!!!!

        1. yeah amazing how many more playoff games and titles the angles have had lately than the Dodgers!

          1. In my head, I have the Dodgers and Angels at about 90-ish wins right now as it sits for 2020. I think it will be closer than people think; as it sits.

          2. Yeah, amazing how Dodgers win in a very sub par division and then get exposed by elite pitching when it matters the most. dodgers have no WS rings since 1988 and if Dodgers were in any other division worth its salt they would not have reached the playoffs 7 years in a row.

  5. This story is getting old. When Gene Autry owned the Angels they would say that “the cowboy unpacks his saddlebags”. If Friedman has any saddlebags it is time to unpack them and get a championship.

  6. To win at any level, a team has to be able to match up with the defending champs at the beginning of each off season. Now, the Dodgers won’t even match up with the Braves. The Yanks, Nats, Astros , now Angels,Braves,all as currently sit can beat these cheapskates. Friedman and Kasten are liars and cheats.

    1. wow – you have analytics no one else has. the dodgers are still easily the favorites to win the NL Championship. Nationals lost Rendon and no other NL team has improved much to date

      1. Not true, because if they don’t shore up the rotation and get an impact RHB there will be plenty of good NL teams with a great chance to take down the Dodgers .. Nothing is ever 100% guaranteed.

  7. Here we go again. No significant trade or acquisition deals. Yup, slow afoot Little Red Riding hood will be placed at third base. A big embarrassment in last year’s season. So, we get a weakened Treinen from Oakland. Lucky them, they know he is on the downside. Yet another conundrum, we still have a 11 strikeouts for 13 at bats in the name of slow-footed Pollock. The surrounding players showed greatly as youngsters, but you watch, 2020 will see a degrading of their value. If the Dodgers were in any other national division, they would be staying at home during play off times for sure. We Dodger fans might just start watching other teams, after all, we should align with winners. As for the bums pitching cadre, toss that one to the wind also.

    1. I’m pulling for the Padres to make enough moves to dethrone this team I’ve reached a point of disdain and hatred for this ownership that I want nothing but misfortune and for karma to hit them hard

      1. please don’t hurt yourself jumpin off the bandwagon! Padres??? hahahahaha.. oh yeah they signed Manny for big bucks and that got them nothing!

  8. If anyone thought this ownership and FO would ever make a serious and legitimate offer to any top tier FA, you haven’t been paying attention. They will tell us they are in on all of them, even to the point that Roberts holds a presser in San Diego to tell the world they are in. And, to no surprise, they sign none of them but tell us they tried. What crap.

    1. I give them credit for Cole, I never thought they would offer eight years. Boras just got him a longer deal, and we lost out to Boras for the second winter in a row.

      On Rendon, it’s a puzzling story; beginning with the details I outlined. They should explain what happened, if they feel inclined.

  9. The Dodgers can’t beat the Angels on the field (54-70 overall record) and they can’t beat them in free agency! Very disappointing.

  10. Getting tired of these cheap bastards. Are they ever going to sign anyone of note? Tired of coming up short every year.

  11. Same bull from the dodgers, make it look like they are in on someone good to please the fan base. Best way is dodgers suck in 2020 or fan base not support

  12. Assuming this isn’t a complete lie I don’t blame him for not wanting to come here after witnessing first hand what Roberts does in big games

    1. It’s worth wondering if it was something like that. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to play in LA, if he is going to play that nearby for the rest of his career.

  13. When one of the wealthiest teams in all of sports cannot or will not spend money to better the team, something is wrong. I cannot believe we are cheap, but on the other other hand,………… What more can I say? I just hope Treinen is not an exact replica of Joe Kelly. Donaldson, from what I read, is a dugout cancer. Maybe the Dodgers are saving the best for last!!!! Go Blue!!!!

    1. Blue LOU, you are correct on how CHEAP this FO is and I have had it up to HERE with them! I just cannot believe they didn’t even offer Rendon a deal but I now hope Dodgers are punished for it. Freidman spends the last couple of years doing salary dump deals to get way below the CBT so they had payroll flexibility this year and what do the Dodgers ? Absolutely ZERO!!!!!!!

        1. Perhaps by the time any movement is made the players that could make a difference will already be taken most likely. And if they insist on holding on to all the top prospects…good luck with getting any trades done because teams will demand guys like Lux, May, Ruiz, or Gonsolin in any deal or it’s no deal.

    2. Donaldson isn’t a cancer. He’s an acquired taste. Hardcore guy, doesn’t stand for relaxed play, and it took time for the Atlanta youth to take to him was what was reported. Then they bought in and caught fire. He’s a different sort then Rendon though.

  14. Folks, I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dodgers were not going to sign any of those top FA’s , despite how they got bounced in the 2019 NLDS on their home field. And I also told you one of the main reasons why Rendon and most other FA’s don’t view the Dpdgers as a desirable team to come to is mainly because of manager Roberts and how he handles the lineups and the pitching and especially how he has to be the worst October manager in baseball history. I am fed up with this FO and I may not even renew the MLB Extra Innings package to me as of now the Dodgers are not worth it!

    1. AZUL, its going to be a long year I am afraid to say. As an astute student and loyal fan of the Blue Crew, I take what you say seriously. I think you are as “right as rain” in your above post(s). At present, I am weighing whether to continue my cable baseball package. I am tired of fielding the same team, platooning them, and expecting a different result. Go Blue!!!!!

  15. No Gerrit Cole
    No Stephen Strasburg
    No Anthony Rendon

    “Have a Merry Merry Christmas Our Beloved Loyal Fans!
    From Your Devoted Front Office & Andrew Friedman.

    1. and yet the Dodgers still have the best team in the NL and plenty of trade options to go. It’s only just begun – this is not over!

  16. Well this thread was a terrible read………..since none of you guys wants to follow the Dodgers anymore, does anyone have season tickets they wanna sell?

    1. I am not sure many here have had season tickets but ya got to admit that after their weaknesses in pitching and an unbalanced offense were exposed by the Nats in the 2019 NLDS, that perhaps at these Winter meetings their should have been some positive movement in at least some way. Keep in mind what most here feel is that Kasten and Freidman have not been honest and forthright with this fan base.

  17. All you need to know comes from Chief Huckster/Carnival Barker Stan himself……..previously it was “inside baseball stuff’ that we stupid fans could never understand AND just Monday it was “well I’ve only been here 7 years so what’s the issue with NO WORLD SERIES since 1988” AND “ownership suffers the playoff failures far worse than the fans” CASE CLOSED

  18. Well…I think Rendon was overrated and the price for Lindor is to high. We don’t need more soft starters like Ryu and Hill. But we might sign them still!! which is stupid. The only upgrade out there is D. Keauchel. Bumgarner doesn’t fit in LA. Just another Division title. Pederson – who sucks badly, Kike and Pollock won’t get us a ring. Bellinger can’t hit the ball outside and needs plate discipline. Not reliable on the clutch at all. While MVP he is no Springer in post season.

    1. I can’t call Rendon overrated. Check out his WAR numbers over the course of his career. Most linear over the course of his career span aside from Trout. He’s the real deal and in his prime. Being RH would have made him a perfect fit for the Dodgers.

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