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Dodgers: Disney Animator Gives Craig Kimbrel the Princess Treatment

As if this saga of Craig Kimbrel having his “Let It Go” walkout theme song wasn’t getting cute enough, fans have found a new angle into the Kimbrel Disney mania. In case you missed it, Kimbrel has been dominating since his new walkout song. 

Throughout the season, Kimbrel has been giving fans headaches for his poor play and blown saves despite the overall success of the team. The limelight shining down on Kimbrel now has been brighter than ever thanks to his new routine. 

Since featuring his new song (August 21), Kimbrel has not allowed a single hit in six appearances and has a 0.00 ERA. 

The hype is real for the walk-out and fans have taken into their art skills to show their appreciation for the new Kimbrel. 

Truly hilarious. But also amazing. 

In all seriousness, this is exactly what the Dodgers needed with all the news of injuries and question marks all over the pitching rotation. The Dodgers need all the help they can get heading into the postseason with time slowly dwindling down.

In a time when the Dodgers struggle, they still dominate the league with a league high 93 wins even after dropping five of the last 11 games. The Dodgers still lead the league in run differential (+294) and are six games above the Houston Astros. 

For now Dodgers fans can get a good smile at their new Disney Princess Krimbrelsa. Any ideas for a new nickname? Comment below some of your favorite ideas! 

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