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Dodgers Do Not Move From Number 2 Spot in MLB Power Rankings

Less than a week from now, the 2021 MLB regular season will be over. Teams that do not make the postseason will pack up their things and begin their offseason, looking forward to another chance in 2022. The Dodgers will not be one of those teams. 

For the next 6 games, the Dodgers and Giants will be fighting it out for the top spot in the NL West. With just 2 games separating the 2 powerhouse teams, that could easily be the best division to watch in all of baseball this week. 

For now, the Dodgers will not move up in the latest MLB power rankings. After dropping a game to the Rockies and 1 to the Diamondbacks over the past week, they still find themselves behind the Giants in the West and in the power rankings. 

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And the outlook for the Dodgers is bleak right now. They play the Padres for 3 games before taking on the Brewers for 3 more to wrap up the year. They could easily sweep both of those series, but that won’t matter if the Giants don’t lose at least 2 games. 

The Giants play the Diamondbacks and the Padres to finish out their season. Both of those teams can get to the Giants, it’s just a matter of if they will. San Diego is now out of playoff contention and might find it to be the better plan not to play their stars in the series. 

The Diamondbacks…well, they’re just really bad. It all comes down to this week Dodgers fans, pray for a miracle. 

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  1. Pitching has been the best in baseball. Offense not so much. Individual players have gotten hot. First half, Muncy, JTurner and Taylor, hot. Second half, luke warm. Mookie showing signs but off and on. Trea and Seags consistent as well as Pollock. Lux giving a spark of late, must keep it going. Smith money after the 7th. And Barnes seems to get that timely hit when needed. If everyone gets hot at the same time here, we will obliterate everyone including SF. Time will tell…

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