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Dodgers Do Not Plan On Making Any Coaching Changes in 2022

The Dodgers are going to have a very different look to them in 2022. With so many pending free agents, chances are that we could be seeing a roster with a  ton of turnover. Fans could also be seeing some new big names coming in though, which is also exciting. 

But one thing that will not be changing is the coaching staff. Andrew Friedman spoke this week about possible changes coming, and he noted that the Dodgers will not be changing up their coaching staff. All members of Dave Roberts’ staff are coming back for the 2022 season. 

And for the most part, that was expected. The Dodgers won 106 games in 2021 despite injuries and missing a whole lot of starting pitching for most of the year. So drastic changes coming to a team with that much success don’t quite add up. 

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It’s worth noting that Dodgers fans had been pretty hard on the hitting coaches throughout the season. With the offense falling flat in big moments, especially the postseason, it’s understandable. But it sounds like both Rob Van Scoyoc and Brant Brown will be returning this year. 

Like it or not Dodgers fans, the coaches will all be back. And it is absolutely the right call. We’re just lucky that no other teams have started calling for managerial opportunities for guys like Bob Geren. 

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  1. Why is it ‘absolutely the right call?’

    What are they going to do better? differently? Sometimes change is the best choice. Change is the engine of progress.

    There’s an old saying in sports, “ If you aren’t getting better, you’re getting worse.”

  2. The 2022 season is already over. The Dodgers will be eliminated by the eventual World Series winner, just like the end of the last 5 marathon seasons. How many times do they have to fail in sight of the finish line to realize the reason they fail in sight of the finish line?

  3. What needs to change is this all too obsessive lefty/righty matchups because of a roster mainly composed of those players who’s splits are horrific. But then again if said players don’t get enough chances to compete against both RH and LH then you have a situation such has been seen with Dodger hitters. A solid lineup will mostly consist of guys who are solid against both sides of pitchers and not have to be platooned. But that’s how the FO and Roberts handle things, all in with analytics no matter what. .

  4. As, most of us are aware of the Albert Einstein quote, “The definition of ‘insanity’ is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” No more true of a quote than that. EXCEPT the Dodgers are “expecting miracles.” Obviously, FO either does not understand or just feel OK, they have done enough, lets watch $$$ roll in after in which we charge $20 for a DodgerDog.

    1. But the Org and it’s apologizers will bring up 106 games. 106 games….106 games……106 games…..Drrrrrrr won 106 games……The org won 106 games………..There’s nothing wrong with that….. Then it’s the injuries…….The injuries……. the injuries,………No teams win 106 games, and no teams have injuries except the Dodgers in many people’s mind sets. Keeping these coaches like Paul says will keep the pop ups flowing trying to hit homers. It will keep the runners stranded on 2nd and 3rd and no outs, and it will keep the Dodgers from beating teams in the playoff’s that know how to scratch runs in tight pitching battles. Add Drrrrrrrr, and it is definitely the definition of insanity..

      1. Also, this AM I got to thinking of how a team can win 106 games in 2 of the past 3 seasons and still fall short of even getting to the WS . And in 2019, Dodgers didn’t even get past the NLDS.

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