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Dodgers Do Not Seem Ready to Rush Cody Bellinger’s Return

The Dodgers have just 6 games left in the regular season. Even though it feels like just yesterday that they kicked off their World Series defense in Colorado, the end of the baseball season is upon us. But playoff baseball is also just around the corner. 

And while the Dodgers mostly have everyone healthy and ready to go for their 2021 postseason run, there is 1 exception. Cody Bellinger was placed on the injured list last week after fracturing a rib, and his timeline seems very unclear. 

Bellinger is eligible to come off of the injured list this Tuesday. But from what it sounds like, Dave Roberts and the Dodgers are in no rush to get him activated. Doc talked more about Cody this weekend and how there are a lot of different factors going into the decision. 

We’ll just see where he’s at in the coming days because obviously, he hasn’t seen live pitching. Obviously, there’s how he feels. So there’s a lot of factors going into when we activate him. 

Dave had previously said that he has no doubt Cody is not done for the regular season. But at this rate, how many games could the Dodgers possibly get him into? It seems unlikely that they would activate him for the playoffs and insert him right back into he lineup on a daily basis. 

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But the pain is still there for Bellinger. He spoke recently about it hurting most when he’s throwing, and the fact that the Dodgers have not even got him live-at bats is a concern. He still has time to return completely healthy, but the clock is ticking. 

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  1. He can’t hit right now and it hurts when he throws. I don’t understand why anyone thinks it is a good idea to activate him. Roberts can’t say he is “done for the year.” But he is “done for the year.”

  2. We have to forget about Bellinger; he won’t be able to do anything, and I hope that I eat my words. Who and what we need to worry about are Muncy, J. Turner, Smith and CT3, who are not hitting at the levels expected of them. Their strikeouts, especially Muncy, Taylor and Smith are way up. . Doc and his coaches need to be working with these guys!

  3. Enjoy being traded to another team Belli. Thanks for all of the great memories during your “good” years.

    1. Dodger Boy, the Dodgers will not trade Bellinger this off season, as he’s got a few years of still being under team control for one thing and his trade value at this time is way too low. Dodgers would not get much in return for him .

      1. Paul, in case you haven’t noticed, insiders have predicted that he will be traded. They can also non tender him, which they will.

        1. Dodger Boy. if it’s that insider named Bowden you’re referring to you know he has ZERO credibility. Just because an insider predicts this, it doesn’t mean it’s true. WSS. Honestly , I’m not sure it’s the right time to deal him as I can’t see Dodgers getting much of a return.

          1. Paul, he is the worst player in all of baseball and deserves to be on a crappy team.

          2. Paul, it’s time to face reality. Both Roberts and Belli will be gone next year.

  4. The Giants are having an amazing year. Old veterans suddenly are having career years. Across the board. Not isolated individuals. A comment here caught my eye. Are they using steroids? Only one test per player is mandated by mlb during the season. Have they a Alex Cora type in their group who has learned to trick the piss tests? Maybe a way to substitute samples? After Houston players were given immunity for their testimony during the last scandal. Did it send a message to players that only a fall guy will have to take the heat. Maybe a trainer banned for life? Not much to deter a player from performance enhancement drugs. The upside is far more attractive than the punishment. Especially if they have a trick like the video relay used by the astros. I wonder about a team that was picked to finish last is almost unbeatable night after night?

    1. “only a fall guy will have to take the heat. Maybe a trainer banned for life? ”

      Sooo SF pays some unscrupulous trainer, beaucoup $$$$$$ and if/when caught, SF acts abhorred! And the trainer is ‘fired’.

      And retires as a millionaire in Maui.

    2. The Giants are having an amazing year because they have Zaidi. When Roberts had Zaidi, they were always good. Sure, Roberts got away with a 60-game schedule in 2020. But, in 2021? He’s been exposed. It was Zaidi that guided the Dodgers all those previous years. And Zaidi that guided the 2021 Giants, with way less talent…

      1. If memory serves me right, Zaidi joined the Dodgers in 2014 and left in 2018, and we did not win a World Series during his “tenure.” The Dodgers won the Division the year before he came on and the year after he left in 2019. Although I will give some overall credit to Zaidi for helping to turn the Giants around, in what way(s) could Zaidi have contributed to the synchronous overperformance of the 2021 Giants’ veteran players?

  5. I recently read in a medical journal that regardless of when a rib fracture might have occurred, it does not fully heal until after the World Series. Best to keep Cody on the IL so this fine powerful specimen of an athlete fully recovers so that he may flourish in AA ball next year and Roberts can be proud of him once again.

    1. I’m still guessing Roberts will somehow find a way to have Bellinger on the PS roster. But this year’s Post Season run may very well end for Dodgers oat the conclusion of the WC game on October 6th.

  6. The article du jour from dodgersnation talking about a ghost named: Bellinger.

    He’s got a new stance.
    He’s coming back.
    No hes not.
    He cut his hair!
    He’s hurt, sorta.
    He doesn’t have a new stance.
    He has a baby.
    He has a wait. Just a baby.

    What Belli news for tomorrow from DN? Inquiring minds want to know!!

    1. Belli news? How about Roberts holding out hope he can get his boy back in the lineup before the season ends. Or Roberts convinced he will have Bellinger on the PS roster.

  7. Bellinger must be playing golf in the off season. He must be a stubborn guy. It’s obvious that a golf swing was never meant for baseball success. I’d worry if I were a pigeon flying over the infield in Dodger stadium. He can really launch those pop ups. Watch videos of Trea Turner his swing is level and spends a lot of time in the contact zone. Belli must have a massive ego as I’m sure coaches have tried to make him change his stance and swing. He stands stiff and erect like a bowling pin or a guard at the tomb of the unknown ball player….

  8. If Dodgers are not contending for division by the weekend, expect them to play Belli a few games vs. Milwaukee to determine whether to include him on the post-WC playoff roster, which isn’t decided until just before that series. Even if his terrible hitting continues, it probably makes more sense to carry him that an end-of-the-bench reliever who would not appear in a game. Belli could play as a late-inning defensive replacement, and frankly, CT isn’t hitting a whole lot better right now.

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