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Dodgers: Doc Explains the Decision to Send Matt Beaty and Gavin Lux to OKC

In a not-so-surprising move, the Dodgers had to make some changes to the roster prior to Thursday’s series finale against the San Diego Padres. One move was to activate Mookie Betts and call up LHP Darien Nuñez, while the corresponding moves were to send down Gavin Lux and Matt Beaty.

Lux’s performance has been pretty awful this season, while Beaty on the other hand has been a productive bat off of the bench. Beaty’s demotion was the real surprise. Why would the Dodgers send down Matt and not Billy McKinney? McKinney has had some moments this year, but it still doesn’t quite add up considering what Beaty has done.

However, Dave Roberts explained the decision to send both players down before the game on Thursday. 

Matt has been very good for us for the last few years. Big hits, I’ve leaned on him numerous times – regular season, postseason. It’s a roster crunch, it’s nothing about his performance and there’s no message as far as working on this or that. He’s done everything I’ve asked of him so it’s just more of a player that had options, get to take bats every day, and hopefully we can get him back at some point.

So far this year, Beaty has hit .262 with 5 home runs and 34 RBI’s in 187 at-bats. He hit a scorching .389 in his last 15 games alone before being sent down. If it wasn’t for having an option, McKinney’s stint with the team may have very well been over. As for Lux, Doc mentioned he was also the odd man out due to having an option, though it was probably more due to his lack of production for the Dodgers as well.

Gavin, it’s more of again a player that had options. We obviously value the short term, long term. Giving him the opportunity to play and this time where our roster is at right now, he’s not an everyday player.

Doc also noted that it doesn’t make sense for him to stay up and get an at-bat every couple of days. Sending him back down to OKC will allow him to play everyday and get some much needed work in on his mechanics. Lux will get a chance to play some third as well as in the outfield to increase his versatility. Beaty will also get a chance to get some reps at third as well as left field.

Both players will no doubt be back at some point this season. Whether it be within the week or in September when rosters expand, but they will be back. 

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  1. Nothing in this article explains why Roberts keeps McKinney and sends Beatty down. It just does not make sense. Beatty is a better bat and can play multiple positions….I still think Roberts does not like Beatty personally for some reason….Beatty is a Georgia boy?

    1. McKinney would have to be released. Beaty has options and can be sent down without exposing him to waivers and McKinney can’t.

      1. Roberts has given Bellinger every chance to produce and he hasn’t. He also said Bellinger would not play against lefties, but he did in a game against San Diego. We are in a close race with the Giants and cannot afford to have Bellinger in the lineup. Beatty would have been a better choice to play in place of Bellinger

    2. Jerry I think you are right Roberts never gave him a fair chance. When he played he has done well as a part time player.

    3. Roberts chewed him out earlier this season for a misplay. Of course, loser Roberts had him playing in an unfamiliar position as he does with everybody. They need to get rid of him and Friedman, who grabs every pitcher that is released by someone else, good or not.

  2. I will say this much….McKinney stretched for a throw at first base last night better than I’ve seen Muncy, Pujols or Beatty do this year. I’m not disagreeing with you Paul. And Jerry, Beatty is a way better overall bat than McKinney.

  3. Roberts obviously putting all his cards w/ McKinney. Both he, who has not showed much, and Beatty, who has showed improvements w/ clutch at bats as pinch, but both have been better producers than 3 for 40 something Bellringer, who also has done a fine job of fanning w/ runners in scoring positions. It’s Belli who should have gone down and now it’s too late. He will continue to being dead weight. It’s amazing how Pujols has nurtured W.Smith and the results are amazing, but with MLB’s living legend on board, Belli is so into himself, that he has completely disregarded the knowledge that Albert so freely shares. Belli is a loser and he wears it well. Amazing that Roberts is blind to it.

  4. Agree w criticism of Beaty being sent down – also does anyone know why Pujols bats fourth and Will Smith bats eighth in last night’s lineup ?

    1. Or why Betts bats 3rd when he hasnt taken a AB in a month? Roberts is truly amazing ……. Dodgers better hope the Vagiants fold because it’s the lackluster attitude this team takes on any given night that will be their demise.

    2. Offensive production they are both about the same, but McKinney takes pitches better and defensively he’s a better athlete and has a smarter baseball sense on the field than Beaty. Beaty is a liability on defense no matter where you put him. Smith was batting 8th to probably save his legs. Remember he caught 16 innings the other night and the majority the games this season. Yeah, his bat is needed and takes good pitches in a 8th hole to turn the lineup over to get the pitcher out of the way. As a catcher that catches a lot of innings, you don’t want him to hit the wall and burn himself out before the playoffs. They also don’t have a qualified 3rd backup, so they have to be careful managing both Barnes and Smith’s innings.

      1. Which is all the more reason why I hope upon all hope that the DH returns to the NL in 2022. Smith could be a DH when Barnes catches AND he would also be saving his legs as a DH so there would be no reason then to bat him 8th.

        1. Yea, but it is what it is now. Whenever the DH comes so be it. Until then you can only play w/ the cards you are dealt @ the time. Plus he is the ideal 8 hole hitter to take good pitches or get a hit, drive in runners ahead of him, or to get the pitcher to bunt you over to set the table for the top of the order.

  5. Trying to figure out the Roberts rules of lineups, is an quest in futility. First, I thought he was an analytics manic. Nope. Then I thought he was a “who’s good in the cage” guy. Nope. Maybe he was using astrological predictions? Haven’t ruled that out. Best theory to date? He’s got a trained chimp, darts with players names on them and a dart board. Chimp is tossing darts and that’s the lineup. That explains why Roberts isn’t upset when the put up another L and miss a chance to close ground on the Giants.

  6. Right now w just 3 legitimate SPs, Dodgers at a bit of disadvantage is the games where they have to go “bullpen”. The other factor is that even though Dodgers have some excellent right handed hitters,they still seem to have troubles against opposing left handed SPs – I think some of our RH hitters have better stats against RH pitchers! Giants can be caught but the hitters will have to do better especially in these “bullpen” starter games

    1. I saw an article stating ‘less playing time’
      for ALBERT going forward. Wasn’t he
      signed ’cause of his dominant bat against
      lefties? Yes I realize he’s not on a par w/
      Muncy defense-wise but he can be switched
      out late in games. Not sure lessening AP’s
      at bats going forward makes alot of sense if
      they continue to struggle against lefties!

    2. I said this before that Dodgers cannot expect to ride it out with BP games twice a week as a result of having only 3 legit starters. Whether dumb Roberts knows it or not, these BP games WILL catch up to them sometime in the latter part of September.

  7. This team is lacking leadership to finish the job against a mediocre Rox team…this lack of a reliable 4th and 5th starter shows the lack of smarts in the Front Office to correct this obvious problem. Signing two vets in Hamels and Duffy who are disabled and useless in our needs to win the divison
    race proves it!

  8. With four OFs, that have been allstars, yes, I use the term loosely with Bellinger right now, Beaty should be on the team for late inning pinch hitting off the bench, not McKinney, whose average with the Dodgers is about the same as Bellingers. Will be a crunch in September as only two can be added to the roster and Kershaw will be back. Beaty, Lux, Gonsolin? Been some chinks in the armor of Treinen, Vesia, Knebel, Graterol and Bickford. That is for all of you who think one of them should be closer.

    1. Beaty was and is the worst decision all year that the dodgers have made. There’s a reason why Roberts is 4-14 in extra innings and also a horrible record in 1 run games. The bench is NOT as strong as last years, not even close without kike’ and Joc. Instead of acknowledging this, The dodgers send their BEST bench player down in favor of 2 chokers in Bellinger and mckinney!

      1. I have come to believe the “manager” would prefer the Dodgers miss the post season altogether rather than leave Belli off the line up

  9. Keep Beatty. Dump Bellinger. He has been horrible for 2 years and will not improve this year. How can you keep a guy batting .170?

  10. Beaty .333/.364/.524 in August. McKinney .146/.308/.293. Who is Roberts kidding? No one will pick up McKinney. Well, maybe the Pirates, or the Angels. McKinstry is hitting better than that and plays all those positions. A poor decision.

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