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Dodgers: Doc Still Confident Going to Kenley Jansen in Back-to-Back Days

The storyline early on in the Dodgers season focused on Kenley Jansen. That’s generally where the focus has been over the last few years, especially at the start of a season. But in the final year f his contract, this is a big year for the big man.

One issue we saw early on seemed to be in his usage. As in years past, the Dodgers turning to him on back-to-back days led to poor results. But that’s sort of changed over the last 2 weeks. Roberts has shown a willingness to go to Kenley on back-to-back days, and even several times in a series. 

Jansen made 3 appearances against the Diamondbacks this week. In those 3 appearances, he struck out 4 and issued just 1 walk. He also locked down all 3 saves for the Dodgers. But as Doc explained on Sunday, it’s not a new confidence that has him putting him in often. 

I’ve had that confidence. I think that stuff outside, I really don’t pay too much attention to. I’ve used him back-to-back and 3 out of 4. He’ll be down today[Sunday], but Kenley’s body and the way he’s moving and performing is more confidence for him. And that’s what’s most important. 

Whatever Kenley did to tweak his mechanics has really shown over the last month or so. His totals for the 2021 season should be enough to instill confidence in every Dodgers fan, even with some flashes of struggles. 

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Kenley has locked down 11 saves and pitched to a 1.31 ERA in 20.2 innings. His walk rate is up for the year, but he really seems to have gotten control of it over the last week. Expect Dave Roberts and the Dodgers to continue going to him often, and on back-to-back days.

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  1. Either Doc doesn’t watch Kenley in back to back games struggle for control or he feels he cannot ever say anything but positive to keep a happy player and clubhouse.
    Either way I am a long time Dodger fan and Roberts for me is the worst manager they have had in decades as he does not manage the club he is just the Cruise Director, Happy Happy.
    The Front office runs the club so they want a weak manager as do many other new generation front offices. I think that the club loses something when the Manager is simply a rubber stamp for the Front Office.

    1. your idea of managing is flawed if you ignore results. Consecutive Division Championships every year, League championships, several WS appearances and 1 WS championship won is proof he’s an excellent manager. Assuming the astericks don’t cheat, we have 2 WS Championships most likely. He knows his players better than anyone, and they respond as well. They are all about the team – even the superstars Bauer, Kersh, etc. Love the fact doc “…that stuff outside, I really don’t pay too much attention to…”

      1. Dodgers have given Doc the most talented team in the National League for about 7-8 years running. And they have had one of the most talented or at least a highly competitive team that should have made and won the WS for the last 4 years.
        Doc’s horrible in-game pitching decisions have lost games in every playoff series.
        If Cash had not beat him to a horrible pitching decision I am sure Doc would have managed to lose last year also!
        Doc’s coaching decisions are always based on making guys happy rather than the best decision.

  2. “Doc Still Confident Going to Kenley Jansen in Back-to-Back Days.” MUCH easier said than done.

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