Dodgers: Does Trevor Bauer Fit in on this Ballclub? And is he Worth What he’s Asking?

By all accounts, Trevor Bauer was the top free agent on the market heading into the offseason. However, it’s now deep into January and he remains unsigned. Last week, rumors linked the pitcher to the Dodgers and we have to now examine the fit once again.


On the merits of his pitching alone, the 2020 NL Cy Young award winner is undoubtedly worth looking at for the next few seasons. But he does come with some talking points.

First, he’s reportedly looking for huge money this winter. Second, he brings a ton of various baggage — some good, some bad, some awful — with him to any ballclub he ends up joining.

The guys dug everything they felt comfortable enough to talk about in our latest live stream of the Blue Heaven podcast.

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Clint Pasillas

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  1. Doesn’t fit the Dodgers at all, not need, not cost, not personality. Fits the Angels, who have the need, and the tendency to overspend on a couple of players, while being completely clueless on how to build a winning team.

  2. Hand would have fit the Dodgers perfectly for 1yr $10.5 M, and met a more pressing need for a closer. We don’t have a pressing need for a starter, but any team could use Bauer.

  3. I agree with Jackson and Pauldodgerfan the Dodgers do not need a starting rotation pitcher. They should sign Turner. I am hoping the Angels sign an ace i would love for Trout to play in the playoffs he is one fo the top players in baseball he should be on the National stage.
    Dodgers have enough pitching, yes i am very aware of the old saying you can never have enough, However there is a Luxury tax in baseball until they change it in 2022 and the Dodgers need right-handed batters that can make contact and have some power.

  4. Trevor Bauer is definitely not a fit for the 2020 World Series LA Dodgers period. I believe he will be cancer to any team that signs him. We need to signed Justin “Red Dream” Turner (10).

    Dodgers Nation: Why haven’t you said anything about Hank “Hammer” Aaron (44) The Real Home Run King passing?

  5. Whether or not Bauer’s quirky personality would fit in the 2021 Dodgers clubhouse is unknown. Josh Beckett, Rich Hill, and Zack Greinke certainly fit the description of “quirky” — in fact, Greinke and Bauer are very similar, although Greinke was much more introverted — and they were all effective as Dodgers. Pitching wise? IMO, Bauer tells the Dodgers he will sign a 5 year, $100M contract and he would be in the starting rotation.

  6. Does Trevor Bauer Fit in on this Ballclub? NO
    And is he Worth What he’s Asking? NO
    Next question…?

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