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Dodgers: Don’t Hold Your Breath For An April Start Date

Perhaps you are one of the Dodgers fans that truly believe Opening Day will be pushed back. Or maybe you’re like me, and just hoping that by some miracle there will be baseball by April 9th. The bad news is that it seems incredibly unlikely for baseball, or the world for that matter, to be ready go that soon.

Jorge Castillo is a member of the Los Angeles Times, and his sentiment echoes that of several prominent reporters right now. Just a day into this hiatus, and it already feels like it will last much longer than anticipated. Castillo is still at the Dodgers spring home in Arizona, at least for the moment. Players are still there training, but media has been locked out of the facilities entirely. 

While there is very little bright side to all of this, there is a good chance we will know much more by this weekend. Major League Baseball is scheduled to meet with the player’s union this weekend, and the two sides are expected to decide how to proceed with the season. The media world is expecting answers by Sunday, at the earliest. The Dodgers players will likely start to head back to their respective homes after that decision. 

All of this to say, if you’re expecting baseball to be back in early April, don’t hold your breath. It’s going to be a long spring for baseball fans.

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