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Dodgers: Dustin May and Tony Gonsolin Snubbed in Rookie of the Year Voting

Now that the World Series is done with, all that is left is the individual accolades to come pouring in. MLB Network hosted the BBWAA award nominations today, naming finalists for some of the league’s biggest award. On one of those awards in particular. Dodgers fans felt like they got snubbed. 

The Baseball Writers Association voted 3 players in to possibly take home the Rookie of the Year award. While many felt the Dodgers would have at least 1 guy make the final vote, both Tony Gonsolin and Dustin May were left off of the final list. 

The Association instead nominated Alec Bohm, Jake Cronenworth, and Devin Williams as the finalists. No knock on these guys, but Dodgers fans know what May and Gonsolin brought to the team in 2020. Gonsolin led all rookies with a bWAR of 2, much higher than any player elected. He led all rookie pitchers in fWAR, and all rookie starters in FIP.

Dustin May stepped up in a huge way for the Dodgers, but his numbers obviously didn’t justify him being nominated for the writers. May was thrust into the Opening Day spotlight when Clayton Kershaw went down with a  back injury that forced his debut back. 

Keep in mind that this voting does not take into account the postseason. Votes are required to be sent in from the writers before the playoffs begin, so anything that May did in October was not considered. 

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  1. It makes sense because 1) neither really had the spectacular “season”” that gets everyone’s attention and 2) they probably split the vote a bit. From what I saw Cronenworth was the ROY, at least when he played the Dodgers.

  2. Just because a dodger wasn’t picked doesn’t make it a snub. According to this site we’re snubbed out of every award and deserve all of them. May and Gonsolin have bright futures but often times they could barely go 5 and sometimes less and they make too many pitches.

  3. Every time a dodger player is not picked we’re snubbed. Talk about cry babies and you think machado is one.

  4. I don’t care what the MLB thinks. Dustin and Tony are both Rookies of the Year as far as I am concerned. We got there because of their contributions.

  5. While these 2 pitchers had at times really good outings, the 3 finalists were also deserving. As stated the regular season was the actual basis for the award. Tony and Dustin sure made statements in the postseason.

    Along the eastern states Alec Bohm was talked about most of the year. I saw some Phillies games on TV and he earned his ROY nomination.

  6. I don’t care too much about sports writers snubbing May and Gonsolin. I just want Roberts to give them the respect they deserve. Urias should be the 3 guy behind Kershaw and Buehler based on his outstanding postseason performance. But May and Gonsolin should be the regular 4 and 5 starters. Price and Wood could both be traded at this point. They just don’t add value.
    Young guys in the minors could be called up if injuries occur. Go with the young guns and the established future hall of famer.

    1. Yeah, I’m with you 106W on Roberts. He sure kept a short, short leash on both of them. And, they should be in the rotation full-time in 2021. They would be if they were on any other team!

      I just don’t see Price lasting long, although Wood looks like a good reliever to me. To fill Price’s way overpaid spot, I like Trevor Bauer in the middle of that R-L-R-L-R rotation…

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