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Dodgers: Eric Gagne Takes a Shot at the Astros on the Zoom Call

The Dodgers’ zoom calls have featured a cast of stars, ranging from current players to celebrities and musicians, and back to former players. On their third go-around of the Dodgers’ zoom call, a former closer made an epic appearance. 

Eric Gagne was coming in to shut down games for the Dodgers starting in 2002 after being converted to from a starter. For three straight years, he absolutely dominated opposing hitters, breaking save records in the process. From 2002-2005, fans knew that when Welcome to the Jungle blared across the speakers at Chavez Ravine, the game was basically already over. 

Gagne made an appearance on the Dodgers zoom call on Monday, and one Reddit user noticed something during the call. Gagne held up a bat that included years the franchise had won the championship, and 2017 was the last year.

This is, of course, a jab at the Houston Astros, who notoriously cheated their way to a World Series victory over the Dodgers in 2017. Gagne may have gone on to play for a few different teams around the league following his time with the Dodgers, but it seems he will always bleed blue. 

Gagne saved 152 games for the Dodgers from 2002 to 2005, locking down a Cy Young award and garnering MVP votes along the way. His 84 consecutive saves from 2002 to 2004 is still a Major League record to this day.

Gagne, who is now 44-years-old, attempted a comeback to baseball as recently as 2017. He worked out with the Dodgers during Spring Training that year and pitched in the World Baseball Classic. He signed with the Long Island Ducks of the Atlantic League but retired just a few short weeks later. He pitched in just five games and allowed five earned runs.

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  1. Gagne was awesome when he was on his historic save streak. He looked mentally off balance and partially blind with those thick lens and thick rim glasses. He intimidated hitters big time. He had a great change up to go along with the heat. He made opposing hitters look clueless.

  2. When Gagne was still with the Dodgers, I would get to a point in the game; between the 5th & 6th innings… sound like a broken record; “Get GAGNE Up”. Those were the good/Great Times. I remember them, Well.

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