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Dodgers: ESPN Suggests LA Could Consider Moving Gavin Lux to Land Francisco Lindor

The Dodgers and Francisco Lindor rumors are going to be swirling all offseason long. Until Lindor finds a home for the 2021 season, those rumors linking him to Los Angeles likely won’t be going away. 

While we’ve seen a number of crazy trade packages put together by experts, this one from ESPN might be the most reasonable. The Dodgers certainly don’t need any particular player for the 2021 season. But Lindor might be one of the few guys out there that makes Los Angeles’ lineup better. More from ESPN:

They could also simply re-sign Turner and turn second base over to Gavin Lux for at least one year while they bargain with Seager. Or they could make Lux the centerpiece of a trade that brings in Lindor, one of the few players good enough to upgrade the Dodgers’ roster. 

It certainly wouldn’t be characteristic of the Dodgers front office to give up on Gavin Lux in exchange for a year of Lindor. Lux got part of the 2019 season as the starting second baseman but never quite caught up to speed in 2020. They also chose to hang onto him in the last round of Lindor rumors, so it doesn’t seem likely that they would move him now. 

That being said, there is plenty of room for flexibility if they did choose to trade Lux(plus more) for Lindor. The Dodgers would likely want Lindor playing shortstop while perhaps moving Corey Seager over to the hot corner. Lindor has zero 3B experience in the big leagues or at the minor league level, while Seager is profiled long term to be there. 

All of that hinges on whether Justin Turner comes back to Los Angeles. If the Dodgers do resign the veteran, it’s highly unlikely they would shift around their entire infield alignment just to fit Lindor in for a year. With that being said, don’t expect Lindor to end up in Los Angeles when all is said and done. 

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  1. Initially I thought there’s no way Turner returns to Dodgers, but not so sure now. If the Dodgers are betting that the DH will be implemented in the NL, if not next year, then 2022 after the new CBA is done, they could give him a multi-year deal? If that’s the case don’t think Lindor probably doesn’t happen.

    1. Agreed. I think a multi-year deal for Turner would take them out of the Arenado sweepstakes… unless there is a DH in 2022.

  2. I know the Dodgers have lusted after Lindor for some time, but unless they are planning to throw a big number at him and keep him after next year, then this doesn’t make sense. And if they are planning that, then which of Seager, Bellinger or Buehler are they planning to let walk?

  3. Memo to ESPN: STOP! Seager is a priority, not Lindor. If Freidman wants another RHB, Lindor, a switch hitter is not the answer for 1 year. As a whole Dodgers must be better against the good LHP in the league.

  4. I’m wondering if Friedman has/is talking to Seager’s agents about an extension, with a move to 3B. Unless Seager agrees to that, everything else is pure speculation.

    Unless, of course, Friedman gets a big “negative” from Seager’s agents and deems Seager to NOT be a team player, and they simply wait for free agency next year. Don’t think Seager is that kind of guy, so we’ll see…

  5. Resign Turner, play him at 2nd “RedTurn2” trade Lux to Colorado for Arenado and he can play 3rd for the next six years… Spend the money, the Dodgers are going to make a Billion in the off season just in the sale of Dodgers gear, not to mention, when season tickets open up again they will play before a packed house every night! Go dodgers Make the moves and continue the wins!

    1. With Turner’s bad knees, his returning to 2nd base has been off the table for years now. Arenado’s numbers are inflated from playing at Coors Field. Away from Coors, his numbers are very average. There’s no way the Dodgers take on his contract for someone who will be 30 next season. Besides that, the Rockies are going to ask for the world from the Dodgers to get a deal done.

      1. Jerry, not true. Arenado will likely opt out after next season and become a free agent.

        1. He’s not opting out unless he badly wants out of Colorado. He’s absolutely not opting out if he’s with the Dodgers and then the Dodgers will be stuck with that awful contract. He’ll be owed $172 million over 5 seasons after next season. No team is going to come anywhere close to matching that for a 31 year old

    2. What no one in this thread has mentioned is moving JT to 1st and Muncy over to 2nd instead of JT. JT is on record that he would move to 1st for the right guy. I’m not saying they should do this but it would open the door for Arenado or Bryant at 3rd and keep Seager at SS. It either blocks Lux or makes him available in a potential trade scenario. Then Rios would become a back up at both 1st & 3rd, with CT3 & Beatty covering everywhere else. If the DH does come back to NL then that stays as a position by committee with Smith, Turner, Muncy, Rios and AJ all rotating in and keeping bench guys busy.

  6. I would suggest leave everything as it is. Try to bring back Kike, Turner, Pederson, Treinen and another reliever. Take care of Seager’s contract first and Belly and Buehler next year. But unless the Dodgers want to spend more, bring Lindor and worry about the future before the end of 2021.
    Another World Series will be fun to pursuit next year.

  7. No to Nolan Arenado, Francisco Lindor, Kris Bryant, and most other big names. We just don’t need them. Arenado and Bryant are also coming off real stinker years with the bat.

    Yes to LeMaheiu who could immediately take over second base. But obviously a long shot.

    Yes to Bauer who would immediately out the Dodgers rotation head and shoulders above every other team in baseball. This is an even longer shot since he likes the Mets.

    Biggest yes to just keeping what you have intact. This will be hard to do after 2021 when the Boras represented FA parade starts. The Dodgers need to get ahead of the curve by re-signing Seager, and others before the Boras bidding wars begin.

    1. Dodger106W I don’t honestly see Dodgers pursuing either of those players named Arenado, Lindor or Bryant.. Again Seager is a priority to extend and he doesn’t need to be moved from SS. His showing in this PS was outstanding defensively at SS as well as at the dish , enough said.

      1. Postseason means nothing this time. he has been a below average defender his entire career, that´s not going to change. And, no, he wasn´t spectacular defensively in the postseason. There are 2 holes, at 2nd and 3rd. Trading for Arenado kicks an old, power declining, sub par defender, and rarely healthy player in Turner out. CT3 plays 2nd, and Muncy plays 1st. Rios seems like a DH to me.

        1. Johnmichael. I’m not sure Dodgers simply want to let Seager walk. He was the NLCS &WS MVP. Correct however about holes at 2nd and 3rd, assuming JT is allowed to walk. But IDK if Lindor is the answer for a RHB Freidman is after. I would be fine with getting Arensdo but I’m not sure Dodgers would meet the demands that Rockies would want in return. However if Arenado comes here I doubt very much he would opt out after 2021. WSS.

  8. We don’t need a 1-year Lindor chip. We can get something solid for Lux if we are going to trade him. Muncy is not the answer at 2nd. His glove is weak and he strikes out in droves.

    Kike would probably be perfect at 2nd until we answer that question or Kike/Chris Taylor platoon.

    1. Kiki is not a good 2b player. He botched many plays on the turn last season and balls went through his wicket. His hitting is horrible unless his outlier Home runs in playoffs are counted. Taylor is a true infielder with above average talent defensively. It’s time to let some youth take over for these retreads.

    2. We tried K.K. at short in 2018. Here´s what he hit- .231/10/36 in 80 games. That platoon is not as good as the Pollock/Pederson platoon. Those are below average numbers. And if you forgot, K.K is a career .240 hitter.

  9. The only way Lux is part of any Lindor deal is if Bieber is included and, lol, that’s not happening. I don’t understand how these MLB Network/ESPN baseball “pundits” keep suggesting that the Dodgers will offer Lux when they are clearly holding on to him and helping him develop. If we are going to give up a potential superstar with 6+ years of team control, then the Dodgers will be seeking a superstar with good amount of team control, ala a Bieber or hell, a Juan Soto. But the chances of that happening are about as low as Mike Trout winning a WS so hahahaha.

  10. I would like to see Lindor wearing DODGER BLUE. We have to remember that back in the East Coast the New York Yankees had a dyansty with their captain Derek Jeter. If we want the DODGERS to have something similar in the near future, they need to go after Lindor and Bauer.

  11. Did the Indians suddenly suffer some kind of massive brain death disease? Only that could explain a trade of Lux for Lindor. But hey, go right ahead. The Indians wanted Lux last postseason when he was overhyped by everyone. That’s when the trade should have been made. We could have got an extra year of Lindor as well. But I don’t think the Indians are suddenly brain dead. They would want more than Lux. And for a short-term rental of a player we don’t really need, I wouldn’t give them anything more.

  12. Everyone that is advocating a trade for Arenado, I would say be prepared to be disappointed. He is a great fielder whose offensive numbers are skewed by his home ballpark. Slugs over .600 at home and under .500 on the road. .322 career hitter at Coors with 461 rbi, .263 career on road with 299 rbi. OPS at home is .985 vs. .793 on road. Career .251 hitter in Dodger stadium. Plus, he is owed a ton of money and will turn 30 at start of season. Would rather see money go to keeping our free agents. I just wish I knew what to expect from Bellinger. Is he going to be the player from the first half of 2019 or the one from the second half of 2019 and 2020.

    1. The second half of 2019 Bellinger hit .263 with 17hrs and 44 rbi´s in 59 games. In 162 games, that comes to .264/41/114. That is a top 10 season, and that´s a ¨down year¨. Arenado is great player even on the road. .270 career average, and if his road stats were a 162 game season- .271/30/86. Great numbers. And, is a .309 career hitter against the NL west, where half his games are. He´ll be fine. Instead of hitting .303/39/112 every year, his stats will look more like this .281/34/90. He´s still worth that money.

      1. A line of .281/34/90 is very good, but not for one the highest paid players in baseball, especially through his 30-35 aged seasons. He has a career average of .290 against the NL west. A good average, but not close to .309. I would pass on him and that bloated contract.

  13. Ya know, there is merit to all the comments about who to sign, who to trade, or who to extend. I think it shows the problems that Andrew Friedman has to face. I would bet that every general manager in baseball would love to have his “problems”.

  14. Trade Joc Peterson and Lux and KiKI for Lindor.. Lindor at second. Resign Turner…
    You have Taylor that can play any position plus Rios that can play 3rd and 1st…
    So Turner at 3rd for a year then DH… Rios or Taylor at 3rd…
    Problem is you have to sell Lindor on 2nd base… this would be ideal…
    You would only be moving one player… LINDOR….

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