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Dodgers: ESPN’s Jeff Passan Believes Anthony Rendon Will Sign with LA

And…here…we…go. The Dodgers are entering one of the biggest off-seasons in franchise history and there are some huge names available that could completely alter the ‘complexion’ of the roster, as Andrew Friedman has already stated the team’s interest in doing so.

One of the biggest names available in free agency — perhaps the second biggest behind Gerrit Cole — is Nationals’ third baseman Anthony Rendon. Rendon has placed himself in the MVP conversation in 2019 and has quietly been one of the best players in the league over the last handful of seasons. His talent was put on display even further in last month’s World Series, when his Washington Nationals beat the Houston Astros in seven games.

Jeff Passan of ESPN, one of the most well-connected insiders in baseball, has reason to believe that Anthony Rendon is heading to Los Angeles to join the Dodgers. In fact, Passan believes that Rendon will sign a contract in the neighborhood of a five-year, $200 million deal to spend his days in LA.

Here’s the full video from ESPN (Rendon Talk starts at the 1:23 mark):

Here’s the full quote.

I’m going to go a little bit off the board here. I think Anthony Rendon’s gonna sign a 5 year deal for $200 million with the Los Angeles Dodgers. I think he’s gonna break an AAV record, and I think he’s looking for a shorter term deal even though he might be able to get more long term, if he gets those 8 or 9 years.

Rendon was reportedly offered a seven-year, $210 million deal from the Nationals earlier this summer which he turned down recently. The truth is, he will make a lot more than that. There is a case to be made that Rendon deserves the money that Manny Machado and Bryce Harper got — and then some.

According to FanGraphs’ value estimation in dollars, Rendon has been worth $201.6 million in production over the last five seasons. He should cash at a fairly similar rate this off-season with a chance that the check comes from the Dodgers.

Rendon batted .312 this season and put up a fantastic 7.0 WAR and 154 wRC+. He also remains one of the game’s elite defensive third basemen at the age of 29. Should the Dodgers sign him to a five-year pact, they will likely be capitalizing on what could be his peak.

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    1. Exactly. Passan should at least know that Dodgers will not end up with any front line FA’s, meaning no Cole, no Rendon. no Strasburg and probably no Wheeler as well.

      1. Trade Seager, Pederson, Keibert Ruiz, and a prospect to Boston for Mookie Betts. Dumping those salaries will only cost us $11M for Betts. Rendon & Gerritt would love to be part of that team! We still wouldn’t exceed the luxury tax threshold and would have the best batting lineup known to mankind. A huge shake up is needed and this is it.

  1. Sure, fine, but I’d much rather we get Cole or Strasburg as we need starting pitching far more than more offense.

    1. Did you miss the whole series with Washington? Offense was anemic. Cole or Strasburg would be great to have, but it was not starting pitching that lost that series. Buehler, K, Urias, May and Gonsolin is plenty of starting pitching.

      1. Plenty? Really? Buehler ok. But CK was his usual post-season self, May and Gonsolin are basically rookies and are unproven, while Urias is a total mystery at this point.

      1. You geniuses ever think we need both? Don makes a good point, outside of Buehler there’s lots of question marks and maybes. And the offense could use some additions you can never have enough stars in your lineup when it comes to the Dodgers because you never know who’s going to fade away come October. I’d like to have as many as possible in case Seager and Bellinger disappear again

        1. NODH You are correct but you also know as I do that Rendon and Cole will NOT sign with the Dodgers. roberts being an inept October manager is one reason and the 3 ring circus of lineups and shuffling all around is another.

          1. They wouldn’t platoon Rendon but he probably doesn’t want to be apart of a team led by a guy that makes detrimental decisions

    2. Correct to a xertain degree, but we also need to stop being so LH heavy in a lineup that with the exception of maybe Muncy and Bellinger, cannot hit LHP well at all.

    3. Don you are so right everyone knows or they should know that starting pitching is what wins you the pennant. Put Clayton in the bullpen and mayeda keep Ryu. How much punch do you as far as hitters go, all the young guys that were introduced last year pretty much shows what the Dodgers have coupled with the other players coming back.

  2. Rendon is good but not worth $40M/year, nor will he hold out for top dollar. Sorry Dodger Nation, but Anthony will resign with Washington since Houston doesn’t really need his services.

  3. Might happen even though we don’t need him,Dodgers have had bad luck when they sign a star they fail to deliver in LA,strawberry and Eric Davis to name 2 of them.why spend 30 million a year when Seaver will be better than rendon been used to playing short 3rd will be easier and put Turner at 1st,Muncy at 2nd and Gavin Lux at short.that way they can focus on getting two top relievers.Cause even if they sign Cole,Rendon,Straussburg stupid Roberts will find ways of messing up in postseason.Dodger owners are the stupidest baseball team owners right now.Steinbrenner would have fired friedman and Roberts 3 years ago when they lost against the cubs

  4. Magic if you read this article please stop being a MORON and listen to the fans fire stupid friedman and roberts.DIDN’T YOU LEARN ANYTHING FROM DR.JERRY BUSS!

  5. So how would that work? Turner plays every day, Muncy plays every day, Lux has to play vs. RHP (no idea if he has the arm for SS but he did play there in the minors). Trade Seager for a mid-rotation arm?

    1. “Mid rotation arm”? You are delusional..

      Seager should get a much bigger return. As in 2-3 starter and picks minimum

  6. Rendon and Cole take a very serious role as accomplished players. Both players are committed to the game. In this there is no doubt. Switching Muncy to 2b. Dodgers have the talent but not the best field management.
    Get the best. Angelenos deserve that. I’ve been following the Dodgers since ‘58.
    I’m either case I’m a true Dodger fan.

  7. Rendon is the first part pf the puzzle. Next has to be Cole. Then it’s punch my World Series ticket, unless they want to add a quality reliever.

  8. Friedman was hired for a specific reason. He took a small market team to a WS and did not win. So far, so good.

  9. “Rendon was reportedly offered a seven-year, $210 million deal from the Nationals earlier this summer which he turned down recently. The truth is, he will make a lot more than that. There is a case to be made that Rendon deserves the money that Manny Machado and Bryce Harper got — and then some.”

    Not to quibble, but $210 million / 7 years is exactly the money Machado got and a little better AAV-wise than what Harper got. Rendon has made it clear he doesn’t want to be tethered to a lengthy deal and looks forward to retiring well before he’s hobbling around the field.

    Keep in mind that he really hates the spotlight, so I’m not sure facing the LA media every day is what he’s yearning for. We shall see.

  10. The Dodgers have been doing the same thing over and over since Friedman took over with the same results. I can’t see that changing as long as he’s in charge. I will always be a Dodgers fan but won’t expect a world series win.

  11. Rendon would be great! He is a proven talent! They need his bat. One more starter maybe, Wheeler and a reliever and the team is set! Let’s make it happen!

  12. Unfortunately, Jeff Passan is not the boss of the LA FO. At any rate, I’m not sure that Rendon would be the type of “complexion” that Friedman is looking for. He probably wants to add a couple of more semi-injured pitchers to the mix and maybe a couple of guys who hit .240 but play three positions. He is bound and determined to win this thing the Tampa Bay way. In other words, not at all.

  13. things to do: need to get better players, better manager…..the group of people in their positions did not get the best out of their players….or had a problem identifying a player not holding their own…..seems other teams see a problem and get rid of the player (sell to the Dodgers for some healthy players)……you have a bench, that means bench not a starter……make better use of their farm system and not exploit them to unreasonable demands …….reality is 60+ strikeouts and multi-homeruns in a play-off……not acceptable, not competitive and fans don’t deserve such sloppy play.

  14. I think Dodgers should offer what they did for Harper last year 4 years at 45mil per year. That is a lucrative of a deal for Rendon and team doesnt have long term commitment.

  15. Everyone has an opinion but the reality is the Dodgers have there own management team and second guessing them only gets you more frustrated when they don’t do what you want. Let it play out and if you don’t like what they do you can always cheer for another team.
    This is from a Dodger fan since 1943.

  16. The Dodgers management would not know a deal, if deal struck them across the forehead. What kind of a deal was Pollock. What deal was letting Grandal out. Certainly, Smith has a goid future, but Grandal had a present

  17. The Dodgers have not demonstrated any great prowessness in signing free agents or culminating the signing of profitable player. They seem more adept at letting excellent players move on to better pastures, i.e., Grandal, Dozier, Puig, to name a few. As for the Dodgers pitchers, I can only feel that there are none beyond Buehler, lest Ryj returns. I foresee another disrupted season for 2020. That’s my 20 20 bision of the year to come.

  18. I would laugh at the notion of this team paying that much for a player, but recall that they made a similar offer to an inferior player last winter. I just don’t see where they would play Rendon, unless they plan to move Turner to 1st (or to another club, which I’d hate to see). Muncy is really not an every day 2B and that sends Lux back to AAA (unless Seager is traded). LA clearly needs more bats in this lineup that aren’t going to strike out seemingly every time, but barring a major trade, I just don’t see it.

  19. Get Strausburg and Cole trade Kershaw &
    Ryu and retire Rich hill need strong minded
    Pitchers in the playoffs Houston is tough
    but WASHINGTON starter did there job during crunch time Cole would fit the missing puzzle and let manager Robert’s

  20. Rendon is an unbelievable talent. Far better than Machado last year who hasn’t hit well since he got out of the cracker box of a park in Baltimore and Harper is clearly nothing near his MVP year. Rendon is legit, just get it done.

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