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Dodgers Expected to Throw a Bullpen Game on Thursday in Philadelphia

The bullpen game has been one of the worst parts of the 2021 season for Dodgers fans. It’s not so much the bullpen game in itself, but rather what it represents. The fact that Los Angeles has needed to go to so many bullpen games is indicative of the overall health of the team. 

But with 2 more starting pitchers on the mend, the Dodgers will once again go with a bullpen game this week. Clayton Kershaw and Tony Gonsolin are both out with injuries and neither have a clear timeline for a return. 

The Dodgers are also at the beginning of a stretch that will see them play 13-consecutive games and 22 games over the next 23 days. That means that the current starters that they have probably won’t get the chance for extra rest at any point. 

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As such, they do plan on throwing yet another bullpen game against the Phillies on Thursday. Dave Roberts said on Tuesday that they will go with Mitch White as the bulk guy for that game. White last pitched for the big league club on the 31st in Arizona. it’s worth noting that the most pitches he has thrown in a game for them in 2021 is 65.

Unfortunately, the Dodgers were also sort of forced to throw a bullpen game on Tuesday night. The rain delay forced Max Scherzer out early, and Roberts went with 6 relief arms to make it through the game. It could end up being a very rough week of hard work for the bullpen. 

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  1. Again, all these BP games will eventually be the unding of this club and if Roberts is ignorant enough to think team can successfully get by with this, he is SADLY MISTAKEN and so are the Dodgers.

    1. Two things
      1. You can’t blame Roberts for not having starting pitching. I’m not blaming anyone, we’ve had plenty of starters, theh just keep getting hurt.
      2. No matter what this writer calls it, it’s not a bullpen game. White is starting , he might not go 7 innings but it’s his game.

  2. Not another bullpen game. I was hoping with the addition of Scherzer that bullpen games would be a thing of the past. I guess that I was wrong.

  3. Most of the Bull Pen games have been surprisingly well pitched this year and the Dodgers have had an opportunity to win most of them, whether they do or not.
    However, even when the pitching is good in these games, there is no rhythm, the games become long, slow, slogs due to all of the different pitchers having to navigate through tough innings and because there are so many pitching changes.
    If definitely affects the offense, when players are on the field, playing defense for so much of the game.
    “Long, slow, slog” describes so many of the Dodgers’ games this season and it takes a toll, win or lose.

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