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Dodgers Face Lawsuit Over Ticket Broker Issue

Unfortunately, the Los Angeles Dodgers will be brought to trial Feb. 17, 2021. Furthermore, this was announced by Superior Court Judge Stephanie Bowick on Thursday.

Notably, the reason is that the Dodgers stripped ticket brokers of their tickets. The reason the organization did this was to control the price in the market to minimize competition, which in-turn inflated ticket prices and cost fans more dollars.

Furthermore, Bill Shaikin of the LA Times breaks it down a little bit more for all of us. Indeed, this is the war on Dodgers ticket sales.

Equally important to the story, the Dodgers deny all charges. For example, the Dodgers say that brokers were never guaranteed the right to renew their season tickets.

The Dodgers have denied the charges, claiming that the team’s decision to cut out the brokers was a “reasonable exercise of business judgment” and asserting the team never had guaranteed brokers the right to renew their tickets. Any statements that might have led the brokers to believe otherwise, the Dodgers said, were “mere puffery.”

Obviously if true, it’s pretty clear what happened here; and I leave it to you to connect the dots. Of course, the take-home message or impact of this is that it cost you and your family more money to see Dodgers baseball at Chavez Ravine in 2019 if this ends up being true.

Finally, it’s noted that this isn’t expected to go to trial. The Dodgers are expected to ask the court to throw out the case, and whether or not that happens will be a wait and see.

I don’t think I need to ask you how this makes you feel in the comments below, you will likely let us know the obvious. Hopefully, this ends up not being true; but time should tell the story.

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  1. Please take these guys down they do wrong by the fans they are so dirty and this is just one of the reasons

    1. The Dodgers are the ones who did the fans dirty. Those 5-6$ games on Stubhub for a Tuesday night Vs the Rockies are now 20-25$. What the dodgers did was take all the tickets from every broker. And gave it to one broker in Houston Tx so they can control the market and have a monopoly.

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