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Dodgers Fall to the Giants in First Half MLB Power Rankings

No one could have imagined that the 2 best teams in baseball halfway through the season would be the Dodgers. Everyone had Los Angeles penciled in near the top, but San Francisco is by far overperforming through the first 80-plus games.

Because of that, the Giants once again took the top spot in the MLB power rankings. They finished number 1 and wrap up the rankings for the first half of the year. The Dodgers came in right behind them at number 2, falling down from number 1 last week. 

This comes after a week where the Dodgers ended up dropping 3 games to the Marlins and 1 to the Diamondbacks. They wrapped up their first half by winning in a big way on Saturday and walking it off in the 9th inning on Sunday afternoon.

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The good news is that the Dodgers get their chance at the Giants over the first few weeks back. The 2 teams play each other 7 times over the next 13 games. That gives them a big chance to distance themselves in the standings by the end of July. 

But they still have to win those games. So far this year, the Dodgers have taken 6 of 9 games played against the Giants. If they can keep that pace up for the rest of the 2021 season, they have a really good shot of running away with the NL West. 

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  1. Power rankings? Who cares? The only rankings that mean anything are in the Win / Loss columns.

  2. First of all I’m a true Dodger, but I have to give credit to the Giants for getting this far. I thought they would fade, but I don’t see it coming. They are what the Dodgers were last year…..leading in HR, solid defense, and enough pitching. They’re winning w/ clutch hitting and come from behind wins. A combo of rejuvenated vets. and underachieving bench are surprising everybody. A test is coming w/ Dodgers and that should be really interesting for both sides.

  3. I, too, am a true Dodgers fan and I find the Giants 2021 season very surprising. If I am correct, not only do they have the #1 record in baseball, but the Giants are #1 in home runs, thus far. I do find it amazing how not only are the bench players consistently “overachieving” but the veteran players seem to have a resurgence of power and consistency this year. These factors, coupled with overall good pitching, have made the Giants virtually unbeatable. One would logically think that at some point soon the Giants would begin to run out of steam and experience a slump … but regardless, the Dodgers just need to be prepared to play ” very good ball” in our upcoming series against them.

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