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Dodgers Fan Helps Out Dodger Stadium Vendor In Need

The stoppage of baseball hurts more than just the average fan and player. The trickle-down of no games being played hurt plenty of people, including the Dodgers’ stadium employees. One of those employees is Reddit user mikecool818. He posted a cool story about his interaction with fans in a time of need here. 

A couple days ago, I posted how I miss working as a Dodger Stadium vendor. Obviously, I’ve been struggling financially due to being furloughed. Although I make no mention of asking for money, a Dodger fan reached out to help me. Dodger fans are a family ? from Dodgers

According to the post, Mike is a Dodgers employee and works as a vendor during the season. He posted that he missed working as a vendor, but of course, he’s not working right now after being furloughed by the team. In response, a random fan reached out and sent him some money without him asking for it.

A very cool thing that reminds us that we’re all in this together! 

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The Dodgers were reported to be one of the teams in baseball that has a plan in place to make sure stadium employees were paid. It was said that the team had committed $1 million to employees, but not much has been said since that was announced weeks ago. Thus far, many vendors and stadium employees have reported that they have yet to receive any sort of payment for days that they should have been able to work. 

The Dodgers were supposed to have started their season on March 26th against the Giants. The coronavirus has since shut down all operations. 

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