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Dodgers: Fan Protests Universal DH Rule Alone at Dodger Stadium

The universal DH is coming to baseball in 2022. Around the sport, it’s been a well-debated topic in terms of how fans feel about the rule change. Traditionalists generally aren’t huge fans as where another sect of the fanbase feels it’s about time.

However, at least one Dodgers fan is clearly not on board with the DH coming to the National League. So much so that he made his way to Dodger Stadium to share his dislike with a little old-fashioned protest. Thankfully, someone caught that fan in action.

Fans share their thoughts on our Dodgers Nation Twitter this week where 76% of more than 2,500 voters are in favor of the universal DH.

Before anything happens, of course, MLB owners and the players union need to come together on a new collective bargaining agreement which, by the sound of the most recent update, doesn’t sound great for the start of the regular season.

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  1. They are turning baseball into recreation softball! Can’t hit the catcher, can’t slide into 2nd base to breakup the double play, put a runner on 2nd base in extra innings and now the DH in the National League! If this is supposed to be the fans game, they should listen to the fans, not stick this washed down poor excuse for baseball down out throats!
    I play softball, why should I pay top dollar for tickets and concessions to watch a watered down game!
    They are trying to create a game to attract new fans, all they are doing is chasing true fans away from a game that we have loved for years!

  2. I would like to sing the Star Spangled Banner for the Dodgers at all the home games. Stasi Bone of Steampunk.
    See if you can get me the job. Maybe I could be the home game singer for the next 40 years or more.

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