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Dodgers Fans Can Stream Ken Burns’ Baseball For Free

Dodgers fans have been without baseball for far too long already. And with the coronavirus seemingly nowhere near from disappearing, it may not be back soon. But fear not baseball fans, for Ken Burns is here. You can now stream the historic Baseball documentary for free on PBS’ channel.

If you have never seen Burns’ masterpiece, you are in for a treat. Listen and enjoy as he breaks down the history of baseball, including the historic Dodgers. Here is a brief synopsis of the first episode of the series.

In New York City, in the 1840s, people need a diversion from the “railroad pace” at which they work and live. They find it in a game of questionable origins. Inning One, Our Game, looks at the origins of baseball in the 1840s and takes the story up to 1900. Burns refutes the myth that Abner Doubleday invented baseball in Cooperstown and traces its roots instead to the earliest days of the nation.

Ken Burns took to his own personal Twitter to make the announcement. And yes, Ken Burns does have a Twitter. 

So while real Dodgers’ baseball may not be on the horizon any time soon, this is a great way to fill time. And fill the time we must, as Major League Baseball is scheduled to make decisions relatively soon on the coming season. 

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