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Dodgers Fans Hoping For Max Scherzer Shouldn’t Hold Their Breath

The Dodgers are going to need starting pitching to be added at some point. With everything going on in their starting rotation, it’s all but guaranteed that they will look to add an arm or 2 by the time the trade deadline comes around. 

Clayton Kershaw was just placed on the injured list on Wednesday afternoon. And while the Dodgers hope it’s nothing major, he still has testing that he needs to undergo when they return to Los Angeles. The situation with Trevor Bauer is also still lingering with no end in sight. 

Add in the fact that Julio Urias is pitching more innings than ever in his life, and it’s easy to see why the Dodgers would need an arm. But fans looking to get a big name like Max Scherzer should aim lower. MLB pundit Jon Heyman talked this week about Scherzer and why it’s not a likely match.

I think Max Scherzer, I just don’t see that Nationals as a likely seller. He’s also 10-5[rights] and he said he needs an extension to be traded. So that’s an extreme long shot. 

Scherzer has the right to waive a trade to any MLB team under the 10-5 rights. The Nationals are also 42-43 and just 4 games out of the NL East. At this point, there is no reason to think they are sellers or that the Dodgers are looking to buy. 

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Scherzer also comes with over $34 million in the final year of his contract. The Dodgers probably would not want to take the prorated portion of that on for a half-season of Scherzer. That’s a lot of cash for a team that already has a ridiculous payroll. 

So if you’re looking to get Mad Max in Los Angeles, don’t get too excited. 

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  1. If he was available – which is unlikely – the Pads are much more likely to get him. They have payroll room and the prospects necessary.

    1. When Washington won it all in 2019, they stunk at the half. Almost everyone wrote them off. They are in a much better position now to make a deep run into the postseason in 2021. There is no way they let Scherzer go.

  2. Unfortunately, there just aren’t a lot of difference making arms out there, And there is no reason to believe the Dodgers are “flexible” enough this year to be able to pull off a difference making deadline trade anyway.

      1. Because the Padres have made bold trades for the past year, and they will probably do it again this year.

  3. Our fans are stupid sometimes they don’t take into account the other team. The Nats are still in this race and have the rotation to compete with the Mets and have a better offense.

  4. Right now we’ll breathe easier if we get arms that can give us 6 to 7 above average innings.

    1. Exactly. Would Sherzer be a great addition? Of course he would. However, we don’t really need Sherzer level pitching to make our run. We can do it with the middle ERA types guys who are consistent. Guys who are pitching in the 3.5-4.5 ERA will work just fine. We have the offense to overcome a few runs if we could just find consistency with the freaking bats. My lord, 22 runs tonight. Spread it around guys!!! Spread it freaking around!!

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