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Dodgers Fans React to Carlos Correa News

What a shocking turn of events. Carlos Correa, who has been so heavily linked to the Dodgers in both good and bad ways, will no longer be signing with the Giants due to issues found in his physical. Instead, he’s now signing with the Mets.

Correa still earns a massive $315 million over 12 years despite it being a slight downgrade from his original $350 million deal. An opportunity the Mets immediately pounced on with little hesitancy.

The news that struck right around midnight sent the baseball world into a frenzy after the Giants once again lost out on a star free agent. It’s clear the NL West rivals are looking to make improvements, but what is next in store for them as such a fallout?

As with any player who was so heavily coveted, Dodgers fans held their breath for a brief moment knowing that Correa was not a part of the introduction press conference. Instead of landing with the Dodgers, he chooses the Mets.

The Mets have completely stacked their roster despite losing long time ace Jacob deGrom. Mets owner Steven Cohen has added Correa, pitchers Justin Verlander (also a Dodger target), Kodai Senga, and Jose Quintana, as well as brought back outfielder Brandon Nimmo and closer Edwin Diaz.

New York has built a powerhouse which makes it tougher on the Dodgers who see serious contenders being formed. But some fans are just happy Correa isn’t a Dodger after all.

Others were looking forward to seeing Correa player for the Giants. His contract potentially could’ve crippled the franchise, but most importantly fans would have been given many opportunities to see their sworn enemy.

Perhaps fans were also anticipating an even bigger surprise with Correa? Two failed physicals seems unheard of but crazier things have happened.

For now, the Correa to the Dodgers rumors can be put to rest and fans won’t have to worry about success for divisional rivals. Instead, Correa ends up on an already stacked team leaving fans wondering how the Mets have been able to pay for so many players while the Dodgers have remained complacent in their spending.

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  1. The aav is smaller, but his offensive production was great for SS not so great for third. If it wasn’t his back what is it? The Mets may back off when they do their physical.

    1. We might never really know why the Giants backed off on Correa. The Mets have a much better team. My belief one of the 2 older Met pitchers will falter before the season ends. I could be wrong We will see.

  2. Interesting. When deal was first announced I wondered how happy all the ex-Dodgers on the Giants were going to be to play with him? Maybe they don’t care. But deal fell apart because of something that was noticed from when Correa was 19? I think that for whatever reason Giants wanted out of deal

  3. This sounds kind of strange…maybe Carlos had second thoughts playing in San Francisco. Funny how quickly the deal with the Mets got done, seems like it was already in the works. Maybe Carlos didn’t want to be the diva in SF and feel the pressure of performance for the season with all the backlash of the Dodgers and the fanbase in the West. Going to the Mets, he’ll be surrounded with other stars and be instant contenders in a big market in the East. Even to taking less money and agreeing to play 3b? He wanted out. What a way to p**s off another fanbase….good! Just thinking the other side of the story. Intriguing none the less.

  4. I could care less what kind of contract this guy gets. First in foremost, he will always be labeled a cheater by individual or as a team player. No matter what team he plays for. I’m just glad we didn’t sign this arrogant turd to a huge contract… later on down the line regretting it.It’s like doing dirt then coming to us to get rewarded who does that. The team he cheated to win. Say what you want, I do not condone any former Houston Astros players from 2017 cheating players on this Dodgers team. PERIOD!!!

  5. Unquestionably a highly skilled player. But with his Astros history, I kind of liked him as a Giant, one more reason to root against them. The whole physical, quick signing elsewhere is odd, but I’m not sure what to make of it.

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