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Dodgers Fans React to Cody Bellinger News

The Athletics’ own Ken Rosenthal broke the news that the Dodgers outfielder, NL Rookie of the year, and former MVP Cody Bellinger will be non-tender and become a free agent. After much speculation about what LA would do with Cody on the deadline, we finally got our answer.

We quoted Rosenthal’s tweet asking what the fans thought of the decision, and the news saddens many.

The rise and fall of Cody Bellinger have been a whirlwind. Belli burst into the scene in 2017 after his debut in San Francisco. He came up with clutch hits in the 2017 World Series and the 2018 postseason and solidified himself as one of the best players in 2019 by winning NL MVP.

After that, Cody seemed like a shell of himself, and it’s been ugly and hard to watch.
The batting numbers speak for themselves, but the constant changes in his stance, the debate about how he should stand, and all the technicalities of it have been a lot.

Injuries have a bit to do with it, but that could only hold up for so long.
Cody was supposed to be a big part of the Dodgers’ success for years to come; however, it seems his time might be up in Dodger blue.

Whatever happens next, we thank Cody for all he’s done for LA.

Ricardo Sandoval

Born and Raised in the East side of Los Angeles. Ricardo is a staff writer at Dodgers Nation and on the LA Sports Report network of sites. He's also a lifelong Dodgers and Lakers fan. Ricardo is an alumnus of CSUN (Go Matadors).


  1. I know it needed to be done from a business standpoint, but what a shame. When you think about how fast it all fell apart for him, it’s hard to comprehend

  2. Not only is he not the same player he was early on, IMO he’s not even the same person. A couple of years back the clean looking Cody turned into something physically unrecognizable. His personal life is his business, but he just looks lost. That being said, this might be just what he needs to prove the Dodgers wrong. Change of scenery, different coaching and no shift. At 27 it’s all between the ears. Wouldn’t be shocked if he’s comeback player of the year.

  3. I think he earned the right for one more year to see how things went. I personally think Roberts doesn’t like him for some reason. After all Friedman said about how they still believed in Cody, I had hoped he would be tendered. I’m saddened and disappointed, but hope they can still sign him to some contract and that he will prove them all wrong this coming season.

  4. The Dodgers are always letting go of the Players the the fans love! Joc Peterson’s name one and now Cody and Justin Turner along with a bunch of arms. The Dodgers are part of my family for the last 3 generations and we love them but what is next!

    1. Remember …Los Angeles Dodger baseball is big time corporate business not a small family run business. Sorry.

  5. It’s the right move for all concerned. After all in no way was Bellinger worth that potential $18+ million in arbitration. And this will be his walk year anyway and Boras, being his agent will shop him to get the most he can for him, even though his performance may not warrant it. WSS

  6. Sheeeeesh…..He had to know it was coming down. The success of the MVP yr., the injuries, the shift, his personal life, all played into the confusion in his head.
    Now he’s a FA, he should find a hitting guru who believes in his structure to revamp the whole approach and mechanics. He needs to buy in 100% as he has nothing to lose where he is already in rock bottom. With his athletic ability and ban of the shift, he can get more hits with hard contact on the line, going oppo, or hard ground balls. Get more compact, flex the knees, and be short to the ball. Even choking up and changing the bat model….many have done it. You still have the power to get dingers, but you need to make contact first. Might feel a little awkward at first, but try something different if you want to get back to being a major league hitter.

  7. There is an axiom in baseball that it’s better to get rid of a player a year too soon, than a year too late. This might not even be a year too soon. Really, there’s not much of a market for .200 hitting center fielders, even if they do routinely win gold gloves. I don’t see Cody in baseball for more than another year or two unless his hitting picks up.

  8. Boras will paint a picture that will ask for $325 million over 10 years . Cody stopped listening to the people who wanted nothing but the best for him . Maybe Boras can pay him .

  9. Boras will present a picture of a super player with untapped skills asking for $35 million annually for10 years . Cody has stopped listening to people who wanted nothing but the best for him . Perhaps Boras can pay him.

  10. Belli be gone. My heart says “one more year,” my head says “Time to go”. Would love to have him back but not at $19 mil and something in my gut tells me Cody didn’t give his all to come all the way back. As a 73 year old Brooklyn born guy who bleeds Dodger Blue, I’m sorry to see him go but “It’s not personal Sonny, it’s just business”.

    BTW: Keep Trea. Aaron ain’t coming to So Cal. Boras just driving up the bidding for The Yanks, Mets or Midgets (God Forbid)

  11. I think he had some big clutch hits this year: I thought he earned a one year contract at least: He’s a solid outfielder: Big mistake if the Dodgers lose him: He needs muscle, lift weights, or strength training, hes got a great swing still even when he strikes out: it’s a big swing but a powerful swing: that’s why he strikes out so much: Bellinger still has a mvp

  12. Cody should Fe-sign with the Dodgers at a lower salary. He needs to repay them for his two horrible years and prove his worth.

  13. Cody doesn’t owe the dodgers they could have easily payed him not 18 but 20 million and still owed him for that hr to take dodgers to World Series in 7th game.. But dodgers are ru by analytical nerds . This move will come back and bite them in the ass.Causr he will regain his MVP form but with someone else hoping it’s not with giants or padres cause he’ll be slaughtering us for rest of his career.Funny how bandwagon fans act like they’re paying him

  14. Cody may not sign with any team for close to what he is seeking. The Dodgers may still sign him for less than he wants and try again to undo his swing and stance. WHENEVER HE WAS HITTING WELL over the last two years, he was looking the ball into the glove and getting good wood on the ball for singles and power. When he wasn’t hitting at all, he took his eyes off the ball, lowered his left shoulder as he swung and undercut the ball to pop up and, no less often, miss the ball by several inches, ALWAYS below the ball, never topping it
    and ground out. After his injury, he hit the ball squarely 2 out of 10 ABs. If he changed his swing to keep his eye on the ball, he wouldn’t be lowering his bat to swing at the ball. I don’t want Frisco to sign him, fix his swing in the way I described, and kill the Dodgers the next 10 years for average and power. I never had any faith in the Dodger hitting coaches, who never got him to correct his swing beyond a few games at any stretch. It would be tragic to let him and his masterful defense go when his swing is still correctable.

  15. The Dodgers have the Best Hotting Coach in Baseball, Van Scroyac. It is Bellinger who refuses to back off the plate and get the bat away from parallel plane on his shoulder. You have obviously never played high level organized ball with your description of hitting.

    Having his bat level with the ground causes a long looping swing. He can’t catch up to high heat, and because he is so close to the plate, he cannot reach what is normally a lefthanders hot zone low and inside.

    I am amazed at least outwardly Freeman didn’t work with him. He may have, but in early BP.

    This is all on Bellinger and his refusal to stick with change. He has stated he is not comfortable hitting that way. But he fid for a short time in the 2020 playoffs and he smoked the ball.

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