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Dodgers: Fans React to Flores Check Swing, Which Was Closer Than You Think

The dramatic ending to the heavyweight fight between the Dodgers and Giants in the NLDS came to a controversial finish. Both teams battled in the winner take all event with the Dodgers getting the upper hand in the 9th inning. With the Giants’ backs against the wall, their fate was sealed due to a check swing on first baseman Wilmer Flores.

The call immediately caused frustration and disappointment throughout Oracle Park, even as the Dodgers rushed onto the field to celebrate their series win. Obviously, you never want to have your season end on such a call, especially one that has caused so much debate. Fans from all around the game voiced their opinions on the call. 

There were the ones who thought the call was right or at least owed to the Dodgers for one that was blown in July between the two teams.

Then you had the fans who were appalled by the missed call that closed the book on the Giants’ season.

Even SportsNetLA play-by-play announcer Joe Davis and others didn’t agree with the call made by umpire Gabe Morales. 

Whether you see it as a check swing or not is a matter of opinion, just as it was for Morales. It’s hard to truly pinpoint if it was or not since there are no firm rules on where or how a check swing should be determined. It’s usually a judgment call by the umpire and more times than not they’ll determine if there was a firm intent to swing at the pitch.

Unfortunately for Morales, this is a call that won’t be forgotten anytime soon. It won’t be a call that anyone will forget for that matters as it will surely go down in history as one of if not the most controversial ways to end a winner take all playoff game.

What’s your take on the call?

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  1. Both calls were missed. Ruf’s swing breached midway by several inches, Flores swing came up short of the midway mark. Ruf’s call cost us two games in the standings, and all things being equal, we don’t have a game five in SF. And we don’t lose home field advantage to a team we beat by 18 games in the standings…
    Flores check swing cost the Giants another shot at hitting Scherzer…good luck with that. Like I said back in July, one challenge on check swings for next year. If you get it right, you get another. Also add electronic strike zone. By years end, we lead the league in called strike three’s on balls outside the zone.

    1. John, the game was over the moment Max struck Wade out! Flores was 0-19 vs Max…he was out the moment he stepped into the batters box! The call was the simply the baseball God’s making up for the Ruf non-call IMHO.

      Now the baseball God’s absolutely have to give us Dodgers vs the Effing Cheaters part two and a Dodger 4 game sweep! The greatest baseball travesty in history must be righted!!

    2. Inches from what? The rule is the umpire rules what is a “half swing” and a full swing. Maybe now the MLB will define what a half swing is in relation to home plate. They could have it electronically determined by bat position in relation to the front of home plate while they are at it.

  2. Probably the hardest call a umpire has to make and they do it in real-time with no slo-mo replay.

    It is so tough they get wrong all time. Its happened before and will many times in the future. For now, its baseball. They players know it and move on.

  3. I question if the pitch wasn’t a strike regardless of the check swing. Probably a bad call on Flores but game wasn’t lost on that one pitch. Too bad either team had to lose in first round. Absurd that winning 106 games earns you a Wild Card or winning 107 allows to be play a ream that wins 106.

    1. Michael, excellent point. MLB must come with a better solution to the current playoff system. Dodgers 106 wins playing on the road to an 88 win team? Really?

      On another note as I watch game 1 of the ALCS, if you live in Houston, how do you reconcile to yourself that you are rooting for convicted cheaters? Do you just not give a sht? Do you think it doesn’t matter? Something I just can’t wrap my head around.

      1. They had some pretty cocky signs at Minute Maid. One read, “Embrace the hate.” Sure, there is virtue in being a cheater and then feeling indignant that others are angry about your cheating! Zero shame……

  4. flores was 0-17 against scherzer ,not 0-19. the count was 0-2. it’s unlikely floes would get a hit. calls get missed , it’s part of the game. The bigger problem is missed pitches by home plate umpires. Numerous pitches outside the zone are called strikes and some pitchers take advantage of that. Some umps are known for this and I expect managers/pitching coaches review this with their pitchers.Human error is part of the game, both for players and umpires.

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