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Dodgers Fans React to LA Debuting New City Connect Uniforms

Your Los Angeles Dodgers dropped their eighth game of the season against the Chicago Cubs on Sunday. The offense was sluggish once again for the Boys in Blue, but at least they looked good doing it. The Dodgers debuted their new city connect jerseys, and they’re better than the ones they have been donning in the past couple of seasons.

At least that’s what most fans think, as our very own Doug McKain gave the fans the layout and a visual of how the jerseys look compared to years past.

McKain seems to be a big fan of them and many Dodger fans agree.

More reactions can be found here.

LA used to wear all blue, but now they are wearing white pants along with one black stripe on the side of the pants. The top remains the same with “Los Dodgers” in the front, the LA patch on the left sleeve, and a splash of black on both sleeves.

These are slightly better than the all-blue ones, and most fans seem to think so. Fans would still love to see an overhaul or mix it with a handful of colors, and hopefully, the Dodgers are listening.

What can they do to improve their city connect jerseys, Dodger fans?


  1. Why did they mess with a sharp look in all blue? Makes it look like other teams. We are Dodgers, not another team.

  2. The move from all blue is definitely better to me, but I have to wonder about why the dark tops would be worn on a day game. As much as it pains me to say it, the CC uniforms the Giants developed are honestly very cool, both in terms of look and temperature.

  3. I’m not a fan of all these different uniforms for occasions. Pink for the ladies on Mothers day? Come on…..I have to say though these are a huge improvement over the all blue ones which to me looked like Janitors or gas station attendants uniforms. Nothing against those trades mind you, it just didn’t look like a baseball uniform.
    Personally I’d like to see the traditional Dodger unforms every day.

  4. I’m glad they ditched the all-blue Citi Connect unis. I couldn’t shake the feeling that they were leaving the park to go work at a gas station in those unis. I like the blue shirts with the white pants. Nowthey look like our Bois en Bleu, not a bunch of gas jockeys.

  5. The “City Connect” still suck! Slapping a “Los” in front of the jersey is just plain lazy. Why can’t Nike just let teams actually create some worthwhile jerseys that the fans can actually back. There’s not much difference from the spring training jerseys

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