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Dodgers Fans React to Mookie Betts Quarterback Debut with the Chargers

There’s no way Mookie Betts knows how to play football too. No, of course the amazing outfielder, 300 bowl club, super athletic dunk machine can also play some football.

In Sunday’s game between the Chargers and Titans, Betts took his off-season to another level by showing fans there isn’t a sport he isn’t good at. Sure there weren’t pads or 250 pound athletes running at him, but Betts showed the arm strength and play recognition that can be seen from most quarterbacks.

It was just a simple game of flag football, but this was enough to get sports fans talking of Betts’ true football potential. It’s doubtful we’d ever see Betts in a real game and probably to the best interest of Andrew Friedman it’s best Betts stays away from such a brutal game.

Nonetheless, showing off his arm may not impress the scouts, but it’s enough to impress some Rams fans. After all, the Rams haven’t looked too great and they are in need of a new starting quarterback.

If not the Rams, who says he can’t play for the Chargers. Although the quarterback position is solidified for years to come who says Betts can’t lineup out wide and show some of his ankle breaking footwork?

There’s nothing wrong with repping LA sports, but if Dodgers fans were to be asked which jersey looks the best it’s safe to assume the one Betts looks most comfortable in. A Dodgers jersey is the one Betts will keep and hopefully one we will see him in for the rest of his career.

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  1. Given the Dodgers’ disappointing end to the season and Mookie’s poor performance there are just too many great opportunities to make smart a*s comments here, so I’ll just let this one go.

  2. I think Mookie should work on hitting a baseball and not so much on playing Football, bowling or curling. There were times last season where the Dodgers really needed his bat and he didn’t come through. Maybe he was thinking about bowling a perfect game while he was up at bat in the post season. He is getting paid a s–t ton of money to be the best baseball player he can be and he does knock the cover off the ball…sometimes. I know he can’t get a base hit every time he’s up there but he also has a tendency to be VERY STREAKY and when he’s not hitting it’s painful watching him. I little more consistency would be nice. Stick to baseball!!!

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