Dodgers Fans’ Social Media Reactions to Hyun-Jin Ryu Leaving LA

When the news broke on Sunday night that beloved Dodger Hyun-Jin Ryu had signed a four-year deal with the Toronto Blue Jays, reactions on Twitter varied from funny to sad to nostalgic:

Ryu’s no. 1 fan Rick Krajewski knew what had happened before he even read the news…

There were the customary name-related puns and jokes:

As a Canadian, I had to giggle at this one:

Fans are generally sad but wish him nothing but the best:

Along with his endearing personality, we will miss his hitting the most.

And naturally, saying goodbye to this fan favorite also brought on a lot of reminiscing about this glorious moment in what would prove to be his last game at Dodger Stadium in a Dodgers uniform:

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Gail Johnson

Biggest Dodgers fan north of the border, living about 3,500 miles from my beloved Boys In Blue, in Moncton, NB, Canada. I think Dodger Stadium is the happiest place on Earth. I'll catch up on my sleep in the off-season.


  1. Gosh, I sure hope Ryu is happy. Will miss him.

    Kiss kiss.

    Who cares if LA wins a ring, as long as the milionaire 28 yr olds are doing swell..

  2. My bet is that he’ll continue to be injury prone and maybe has two productive, but low inning count years left.
    LA was right to let him go, he’s just not worth the price he was asking.
    It’s also a bit ugly of him to take off after the Dodger supported him during his lengthy injuries and low inning output. Oh well, money talks & loyalty doesn’t.

    1. Loyalty? He did what anyone would do, including you. From a Dodger standpoint, no big deal. Last season was his career year and he will be replaced internally.

      1. Replaced by who? Ryu was a top 5 pitcher in all of baseball last year and pitchers like that don’t grow on trees waiting to be plucked. Now the Dodgers are left hoping some youngsters can step up. Maybe they can. But the better gamble was on Ryu. But once again their FO took the cheapskate route and ended up with nothing. Just like the rest of their off season actions.

    1. Why would you stick with someone through an injury prone career and then let him go when he finally has an injury free, Cy Young caliber season? Answer – Because you’re the Dodgers, and it’s about the dollars, unless your name is Cole or Strasburg.

    2. Ryu does have an injury history, but he didn’t miss starts last year and almost won a Cy Young. Loyalty is an interesting point here. Since the Dodgers stuck with him all those years prior to last year, why wouldn’t they remain loyal to him, when he finally hits his peak. It’s all about money. But the Dodgers better find someone to replace him (and Hill) or they can kiss 100 wins goodbye. May, Gonsolin, Urias, Stripling can play musical starters. But they’ll all be used up by the time the postseason rolls around. None of them has full season starter capability. And musical chairs is more difficult for starting pitchers than any other position. They need to have something resembling a routine.

  3. Love Ryu, but understand that at $20mm a season for 4 years, he wasn’t the right fit here in LA. I am just glad he was able to leave with the grace and dignity his 2019 season provided. I wish him well.

    Besides, now I know a team (other than the Dodgers) I can root for every 5 days.

  4. Another one bites the dust. I’m starting to think the Dodgers really don’t want to win a World Series!! I’ve been following them for over 55 years and I’ve got to say they are tough to understand!! So frustrating!!!
    Management are egomaniacs that are being proven wrong when it counts!!!

  5. The Dodgers should have done everything possible to retain him as this really hurts the starting rotation. May and Gonsolin may just be lifesavers, don’t trade them too.

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