Dodgers Fans Sound Off: Would You Rather Face the Padres or Cardinals in the NLDS?

The Dodgers have wrapped up their part of the National League Wild Card series on Thursday by sweeping the Brewers and fans are definitely ready for more. So here at Dodgers Nation, we took a poll on who fans would rather have the Dodgers play in the Division Series

With the Padres tying up the series and Tatis, Jr. showing signs of coming out of a slump, there were some who thought the Padres are looking like more of a challenge

Of course, fans don’t forget so easily and there were more than a few who felt that it is time for another postseason matchup with St Louis

But a majority of fans (and some players) seem to feel that the Dodgers are the best team in MLB right now so who they face doesn’t really matter.

If you want to watch the remaining Wild Card Series you can go here for information. Otherwise, who would you want to see in the Division Series with the Dodgers? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. I hope it is St. Louis. Love to see them go down from our NL days, and SD is my second home these days. The Pads are a few pieces away.

    1. Colt 45’s? That is going back. Anyway, the cardinals are the worse team; so it would be better to face them. The Padres have a lot of good, young players. The cards are in my neck of the woods; and I would love to beat them 3 straight.

  2. I don’t like the unsaintly padres. They are loudmouth show-offs. I would like the Dodgers get pay back on the Cardinals.

  3. I think it’s time our bats really start to catch fire , want to play the ” DRES ” and send ” MANNY MOUTH “chronic complainer home early, to watch the Dodgers on TV…..Go Blue !!!

  4. It’s a false choice. They should be facing the Marlins. Leave it to brain dead Rob Manfred to devise a system where the best team in baseball has to face a 37 win team in the second round rather than a 31 win team. That idiot needs to be fired immediately!

  5. I would rather play the padres, because I don’t like the cards tactics of intimidated especial the dodgers, because they throw at our hitters and try to use bully the other team. Put simply they are bad sports, and think they are entitled.

  6. I feel ‘familiarity’ helps here tho no doubt
    with Tatis Jr. showing huge signs of being
    over his slump- things are more daunting!

    We have to enter in the fact that (2) dominant
    starting pitchers are ‘probably’ out for the Pads
    & I’m feeling that Mookie is gonna come up big
    now that he’s seen that entire staff quite a bit!

  7. The stronger the opponent, the sweeter and more meaningful the victory. If Dodgers are the best team, why face weaker teams on the road to the WS?

  8. If Padres get their pitchers back we’re in trouble. Our bullpen really scares me. No power pitcher to blow them away. Only May or Goslin have the power to stop them.

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