Dodgers Fans Vote on Jeff Kent’s Hall of Fame Candidacy

Jeff Kent spent only a few seasons at the end of his career with the Los Angeles Dodgers, but that doesn’t stop fans from having strong takes on whether he should get into the Hall of Fame now that he’s on the ballot.

So, we decided a poll would be fun on our Facebook page to get a feeling for just how this breaks down.

The results were fairly one-sided and in favor of Kent making it to the Hall.

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Our post reached almost 67,000 people across Facebook, so we grabbed the best comments on each side of the issue to make each case.

Rafael Jr Santiago makes the case from a statistical perspective.

.290 career BA.. Over 370 HR’s, and over 1500 RBI’s? All that plus a .980 Fielding %? Yeah I think so.

Well said Rafael! Those accolades are pretty hard to provide a counterpoint to.

Michael Boyer agrees, too.

I do believe he is hall of fame worthy, his stats back him up, and the length of time he spent playing a very demanding, position 2nd base. And Kent being a Dodger is just icing on the cake. So yes.

Lastly, Hector Vasquez makes the case more on a personal level.

I grew up watching Jeff Kent play. One of my all time favorites. Hated him with the Giants, loved him as a Dodger. That smooth short swing was a beauty. I think the stats speak all on their own. I wonder if he goes in a Giant or Dodger?

That question is worth asking, though I’m not sure fans would like the answer. Kent only spend a few years as a Dodger compared to a lengthier stint in San Francisco — where he won an MVP.

Kent deserves to go in, though I would probably expect to see him in on the next ballot or in the years come soon thereafter.

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