Dodgers Fans Weigh in on Corey Seager’s Future at Shortstop

The numbers and the eye test and the general package hasn’t been great so far for Dodgers’ shortstop Corey Seager in 2021. Coming off a great 2020 short season and a phenomenal postseason, things have not gone as smooth for Seager smooth in the early goings.

While the bat is struggling — same as everyone else on the team — Corey’s usually passable defense has cratered.

Heading into play on Friday, the free-agent-to-be was among the worst shortstops in baseball defensively. And that’s not really acceptable for the defending world champs. Moreover, Dodgers Nation’s Eric Eulau hit us with the numbers on Friday.

For the traditionalists, Seager ranks 14th in fielding percentage (.965) among shortstops in 2021 through Wednesday. Yet, the advanced metrics judge Seager much more harshly. According to Baseball Savant, Seager ranks almost dead last in outs above average (29th). In defensive runs saved, Seager slots in at 22nd in the league per FanGraphs.

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The chatter for years has been that Corey Seager is not a long-term shortstop, particularly at his height (6’4″). With his middling range now fading, we asked fans on Twitter (always levelheaded, of course) their thoughts on Seags possibly moving away from the position. 

More than 55% of those polled agree with him playing elsewhere.

Some fans offered up some in-house alternatives.


As fun as it is to say the team should move Seager off of shortstop, in reality, it’s just something that plainly won’t happen. For one, I personally can’t see Dave Roberts having that conversation with Seager. The player has defended himself time and time again, calling himself a shortstop and setting out to prove naysayers wrong

Additionally, if the club has any plan to re-sign him in free agency this coming winter, there will be a greater need to walk on eggshells with the east coast native

The hope is that Corey is just slumping right along with the entire team and can put it together for another title run by October.

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  1. Seager has never been an outstanding defensive shortstop and I doubt that he’ll be an outstanding 3rd baseman.He should make up for this with his hitting and homerun power.

  2. I would let him walk and go after Story or Correrara. Story is a better contact hitter, fielder,and can steal bases.

      1. Give Seager some time! He’s a great player and will right himself. Too early to panic.
        And never even consider Correa of the Cheatin’ Astros

        1. Just let Lux take over when Corey leaves cause he’s leaving for sure he already said he wants to be closer to home plus Friedman tried to trade him for that overrated lindor whose struggling out of his little league ballpark.

  3. Correra? Or whatever his name is from the Cheatin’ Asterisks? Outta your mind! I like Bobby Witt Jr. if you can trade for him. Saw him in spring games and he has “Game” a solid young 5-tool ball player that Seager was before some major surgeries. I’m afraid the the early injuries have taken a toll on Seager’s body which is slowly wearing on him. If he stays I would put him @ 1st base where mobility is not needed like @ short, plus he has height, still can field the position like an infielder and hit like other good 1st basemen.

  4. Astros player is not an option.
    And maybe move him to LF.
    If JD Martinez can, Seager must can too.

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