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Dodgers Feature 6 Players in the Top 50 Free Agents List

As the offseason now ramps up in earnest, it’s that time where we see list after list of different rankings, best-ofs, and anything else in between. The first list up in the annual top-50 free agents list. This year, the Dodgers feature 6 players in the top 50 via The Athletic

With 11 free agents, you had to figure that number would be high.

Here are those 6 Dodgers and where they place on the list as Thursday morning on November 4th (note: more players will be released into open market over the next few days and weeks, so assuredly this will change down the line.

  • 2. Corey Seager, SS, age 28
  • 10. Max Scherzer, RHP, age 37
  • 12. Chris Taylor, Swiss Army Knife, age 31
  • 22. Clayton Kershaw, LHP, age 34
  • 35. Kenley Jansen, RHP, age 34
  • 50. Danny Duffy, LHP, age 33

Understandably, Corey Seager is one of the top prizes of the winter. Premium hitters that can play up the middle at shortstop (but will likely move to third base soon) are usually pretty sought after. Scherzer in the top-10 isn’t a shocker but Danny Duffy on the list at all sure is. Of course, he was traded to LA at the trade deadline and never suited up after apparently suffering a career-threatening injury while recovering from another injury.

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Former Dodgers

Notably (and just for fun), three former Dodgers are also featured on this list.

Next up for the early throes of the offseason is the deadline for teams to offer their own free agents qualifying offers.

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  1. If the Dodgers do not resign any of their pitcher-free agents, they have to make up around 300 – 350 innings pitched in 2021 by players who will not be on the 2022 roster.

    Kershaw, Scherzer, Bauer, Jansen, Joe Kelly, Dustin May (innings pitched in April 2021 must be made up and it is doubtful he can do much if anything in 2022) and Knebel, that leaves a lot of innings to replace if none of those pitchers return. Who in the organization can make up some of those innings? Mitch White (more innings than in 2021?), Andre Jackson (more innings than in 2021?), Knable, David Price (more innings than in 2021?) any of the ten or so starting pitchers working their way up through the minors? If they depend upon going outside the organization to replace all those innings they might need 2 free-agent starters who can pitch 150-175 innings each.

  2. After the teams 2021 performance the Yankees are going to offer Seager a huge pile of money.

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