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Dodgers: Fernando Tatis Jr Calls This The Best Rivalry in Baseball

The Dodgers are having one of the roughest months that we’ve seen in some time. Even without all of the losses that have started to pile up, Los Angeles is losing players at an alarming rate. Playing the Padres doesn’t quite help that. 

Dodgers fans have had to deal with the rise of the Padres for the last 2 seasons, fighting off the notion that this has become a rivalry. But the media wants it to be one very badly, and it turns out they arent the only ones. 

After the game on Friday night, Padres shortstop Fernando Tatis Jr made a bold statement. He said that the rivalry that exists between the Dodgers and Padres is the best in all of baseball. There are likely a lot of fans that would disagree, most of them in Los Angeles. 

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Of course, it’s a little easier to make a statement like that when you just took one of the greatest pitchers of all-time deep twice. Tatis finally broke through against the Dodgers hitting 2 solo shots off of Clayton Kershaw in his start.

With the win on Friday night, the Padre have now taken 3 straight games against the Dodgers. They also now have the season lead in head-to-head matchups 3-2. And it won’t get any easier from here as San Diego is set to throw Blake Snell on Saturday and Joe Musgrove on Sunday. 

Dodgers fans might not want to call it a rivalry, but players and fans down in San Diego are hungry to move away from the little brother title. 

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  1. The LA Dodgers offense are in a big time slum right now! Especially with RISP again! When the offense have the opportunity to score someone hits into a double play! Wow! It’s pathetic! Instead of trying to hit the ball in play they hit the ball right to the defender!

    The LA Dodgers need their starters back ASAP! From the Injured List Starting with Bellinger, Taylor, Lux & McKinstry. Without them we are not going to Win it All period.

    “Let’s Go LA Dodgers!!!

  2. What rivalry? Red Sox/Yanks; Yanks/Bums; Yanks/Rays; Giants/Dodgers; are rivalries. Where’s the brawls, takeouts, HBP, and equal wins/losses. Right now only mild chirping, 3 Dodgers HBP/ 0 Padres, Dodgers overwhelming more wins. It’s just overhyped by media.

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