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Dodgers Finalizing a Trade for Royals’ LHP Danny Duffy

The Dodgers are making their first big deal of the trade deadline. It’s not the Max Scherzer deal like many had hoped for, but it’s something that will move the needle. Details of the trade are still pouring in and will be updated accordingly. 

The Dodgers reportedly swung a deal with eh Kansas City Royals for left-handed pitcher Danny Duffy. He has been on the injured list with a flexor strain and this is the second time this year he has gone through that. 

Duffy is expected to return by the start of September at the latest. That is how long he was previously sidelined. Bu the Dodgers could also opt to use him in a bullpen role and possibly bring him back sooner than that. 

When healthy, Duffy has been very good in the Royals rotation. He has pitched to a 2.51 ERA across 13 appearances, including 12 starts for Kansas City. He struck out close to 10 batters per 9 innings and has pitched 61 innings so far. The return from the Dodgers is still pending. 


The Royals are getting “players to be named later” in the deal. That will likely depend on how much that Duffy is able to pitch for the Dodgers given his injury status. 

Details still coming in. 

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  1. A pitcher who’s injured and can’t help the team right away , while the Padres are getting Scherzer. Brilliant. We know where this year is going. Bit a guess is the Nats wanted Ruiz, and Max is still considered a rental player.

      1. Paul –

        Another injured player? Sure, makes perfect sense ; ) LOL

        You wonder what the Dodger’s are thinking? I’m more interested to find out what the FO is DRINKING!

    1. Friedman and FO is toasting because they’re laughing @ all of us because Duffy is already paid for the year and taking a gamble if he can rebound to his former self. His costing nothing for a wait and see. FO knew what they were doing, they wanted to see what us dummies were going to say.

  2. Yeah, a middle tier pitcher on the IL like Danny Derpy is really going to make us miss Bauer’s dominance. The Dodgers can absolutely top whatever the Padres are offering for Max. Ruiz isn’t going to be much help when Turner, Muncy, Kershaw flame out and Seager and Bellinger are gone. Strike while this core is at its PEAK.

    1. I guess I should have said “forget” instead of “miss” since I was being sarcastic…

  3. Dodgers getting Duffy but we’ll have to see if they do anything else in the next 21 hours in order to get a real bead on what their thinking is in acquiring him. If the Duffy deal is virtually the only thing that the Dodgers do, then as SoCalBum already said: “Hmmmmmmm.”

  4. Won’t second guess GM decision at trade deadline but will second guess lack of action by Roberts and coaching staff regarding Bellinger – shouldn’t Roberts coaches DEMAND that if Cody wants to be in lineup, Cody MUST make adjustments in his set up in batting box (ie set up further away from home plate and less upright)

    1. Wasn’t to long ago when Cody came up with the bases loaded like he did today that you could feel confident that he was going to a worst drive in a pair, but now just like what happened today he does down meekly on 3 pitches. He is completely lost and won’t change. First swing on the at bat I am referring to, he swung out of his shoes, down on a knee. I like Cody, but he has to go, and if they don’t trade him he will be a DFA candidate in a very short period of time. You can’t keep a guy hitting under 160 batting 4th, unless it’s Dave Roberts, who is the only other person associated with this team who is more lost than Cody. They could or should at least send him down (and to hell with his feelings) so that he can get his head straight if they don’t/won’t trade him.

  5. The only question now is whether Scherzer will “no hit” the Dodgers in the wild card game or pitch a perfect game. Personally, I think he’ll walk Max Muncy at least once.

    1. Whether it’s Scherzer or another Padre pitcher the way this team is inconsistent they will be 1 and done, especially since Robrrts will most likely be out managed.

  6. BTW, to whomever controls this site. Can you nix the old video of Bauer being interviewed in mid-game?????? I think we’re all tired of being reminded of that disaster.

  7. Shoot, this is a story about Danny Duffy. Well, I guess the Dodgers will have to burn all their starters just to make it to the wild card game, so Duffy will start it and give up four in the first. And that about covers it. Over and out.

  8. The Dodgers front office are not trying to win this year WS. They already concede to the Giants and Padres by trading a pitcher on the IL two times this year

  9. Anyone here want to recant their posts? I don’t think Friedman has any threats to his job.

  10. How about if Friedman can’t bring a World series back he’s fired. You know what you have to do

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