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Dodgers: Former LA Outfielder Yasiel Puig Settles Civil Suit

In the legal case of former Dodger Yasiel Puig, the outfielder shared an update on Instagram on Friday. First, going back a ways, Puig had been accused of assaulting a woman at a Lakers game in 2018. He had been battling the allegations and civil lawsuit levied against him, but as he shared in a statement, opted to settle out of court. 

Importantly, Puig still maintains his innocence, as noted in the statement.

Here is the statement made by Puig himself.

I learned so much this past year. I learned about how the world can be very cruel and how it can put you in positions you never thought you can be in. I wanted so much to show the world my truth, but the battle was filled with red tape, and legalities and time – so much time. 

I want to let you all know  I have settled the civil suit against me that has made some people question my person. My gut instinct was always to have my day in court. I begged the system in every way, but that day would not happen until May, 2022 or later. I was given an option by the other side to settle for what experts claim is a nuisance settlement amount of $100k to the claimant and approx $150k in costs/attorneys fees. I would only settle this case if the settlement included the fact that I maintain that I did not on any occasion inappropriately touch, annoy or assault the claimant, and that was agreed to.

I wanted to make this settlement public so that everyone can see why I made the choice I made about settling, especially with having my day in court mean that my 2022 season would also be affected. Not to mention the fact I have spent four times that amount in my own legal fees when all added up.

Right now the only thing on my mind is my beloved baseball, and the chance to play the game I was born to play. 

Puig went on to thank his attorneys and agent.

A key takeaway from the statement above was the fact that Puig “would only settle this case if the settlement included the fact that I maintain that I did not on any occasion inappropriately touch, annoy or assault the claimant, and that was agreed to.” Adding to the clearing of his name, Puig’s attorneys released the following official statement.

Yasiel Puig has reached an agreement to resolve all claims in the civil case brought against him by an anonymous plaintiff arising out of what Puig asserts was a consensual encounter at a Lakers game in 2018. In the settlement agreement Puig specifically denied any admission or implication of any fault or wrongdoing whatsoever. As specifically stated in the settlement agreement, Puig believes that the plaintiff will retain $100,00 or less from the settlement payout after covering her fees and costs.

Now the former All-Star plans on focusing on his return to MLB after missing the last two seasons amid this legal battle.

Over 7 big league seasons, the outfielder has a .277 lifetime average with 132 home runs and 415 runs batted in.

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  1. Anyone notice any similar characteristics between Puig and a particular pitcher? Just sayin

    1. Maybe not. IF he’s innocent like he claims, then he’s guilty of putting himself in a position to make him a target. Kind of similar for Bauer, except one difference is that even if B is innocent and it qas agreed upon, he still beat the crap out of a woman, unless I have my facts wrong?

      1. Tom, not of Dodger character for darn sure. There is no way he ever throws another pitch in Dodger Blue. I don’t care if it was consensual, you just don’t do that.

  2. I guess if you don’t have a history of p*ssing off MLB, you get to play ball while dealing with allegations of assault.

  3. People are aware of how often shakedowns like this happen to people with money, right? And how they very often don’t get out in the public?

    1. The evidence supports the ascertains in the B case. The reason for the denial of the restraining order was simply because he made no attempted further contact and therefore wasn’t viewed as a threat. Doesn’t absolve him of an atrocity.

      We also have no idea what kind of distraction this became in the clubhouse either. I’m sure it was greater than zero.

  4. One thing everybody seems to forget is what happens if Trevor Bauer is cleared to play in 2022. The Dodgers are still on the hook for millions with him. It would be nice to have a Buehler, Scherzer, Urias, Bauer, Kershaw rotation, keep Seager, and Taylor and then we’d be paying $80 for the nosebleed seats. If the Dodgers can get out of Bauer’s contract, I think they will try, and then swing some of that money for Scherzer and Taylor. I don’t think Seager returns, but it’s also possible the Dodgers try to sign him because the rumor is that Trey Turner prefers to play on the East coast and may opt to not resign with the Dodgers after next season. I like the idea of trying to sign Kris Bryant. He can play 3rd and also most outfield positions, plus he’s a solid right handed bat. Also, I’m still not convinced that Lux is our 2nd baseman of the future either.

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