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Dodgers: Former LA Pitcher Revisits Carlos Correa Incident

The 2020 Dodgers team was one for the ages. They had the best record in the league, their star players showed up when needed, and the 3-1 comeback in the NLCS was legendary. It was one to remember, and no one can take that away from LA.

The MLB started the 2020 season in July and only had a 60-game regular season due to the Covid pandemic. Each team played their divisional opponents per usual and their counterparts in the AL in the AL West.

Everyone was looking forward to the matchup since the Houston Astros scandal broke earlier that year. They immediately became public enemy number one by stealing the World Series title in 2017 from the Dodgers and essentially cheated their way to a championship.

We all know about the incident between former LA champion and reliever Joe Kelly and Carlos Correa with his infamous pout in that summer game of 2020 in Houston.

Kelly has released a new book titled “A Damn Near Perfect Game,” and he opens up about the incident the only way he can. He sat down with Dodgers Insider David Vassegh and discussed the book and that incident.

Dave: “The juicy part that Dodgers fans want to know is that brushup with Carlos Correa and you started the book and the first chapter is all about the pouty face and striking out Correa”

Joe: “I’ve always hated the finale being at the end. You watch a movie, you know exactly what’s going to happen. For myself, I’ve always been the guy not to shy away from the honest answer, or being myself and being candid. I think that whole situation between me and Carlos was perfect to start off the book that way. Let people know this is me, this is real, and I want you guys to understand what really happened. What’s cool in the book is I go in depth behind the scenes ultimately to us being in the bubble that year, winning the world series there’s a part about where the Astros would have won and we would have played them in the World Series. the MLB was kind of panicking and trying to figure out what to do with the Astros staying in the same hotel.”

I wish the Astros would’ve made the World Series that year so we could have witnessed part two of that scuffle.

Vassegh asked Kelly if he really would’ve done it and he didn’t mince any words.

Dave: “Would you really have waited for Astros to come through the lobby at the bubble hotel?”
Joe: “100% I would have. My wife knows that, she could vouch for me. We had twins at the time and she said okay you can do what you want to do. There was a part where MLB tried to go behind my back while I was practicing at the field and tried to have a conversation with my wife saying ‘hey you need to tell your husband pretty much to simmer down and not do anything.’ And she basically flat out laughs at them and said good luck I can’t even do that…”

I 100% believe the 34-year-old. There was no backing down from him the day the incident occurred, and it’s clear he had unfinished business with Houston.

All we can do now is imagine what part two of the Kelly showdown would look like; what a good one it could’ve been.

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