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Dodgers: Former Los Angeles Infielder Brian Dozier Calls it a Career

It’s funny how things work out in baseball sometimes. It doesn’t seem like long ago that Dodgers fans were begging the front office to make a trade with the Twins for Brian Dozier. And why not? The Minnesota second baseman was slugging 30-40 homeruns and lighting up the box score for a short period. 

But Andrew Friedman and the Dodgers did not budge on their asking price. The Twins wanted some of Los Angeles’ top talent at the minor league level back then, but they weren’t getting anywhere. Instead, the Twins would hold onto Dozier until his career started to take a downward turn. 

He was traded to the Dodgers in July of 2018, the same year that they lost Corey Seager to Tommy John surgery. In his time with Los Angeles, Dozier admitted to playing through a severe bone bruise, and it showed. He slashed just .182/.300/.350 with 5 homeruns in his limited run with the team. 

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And now, just 3 years after that World Series run against the Red Sox, Dozier is calling it a career. The 33-year-old is retiring from professional baseball, having finally won a World Series with the Nationals in 2019. He leaves having played for the Twins, Dodgers, Nationals, and Mets.

The Dodgers traded Luke Raley, Devin Smeltzer, and Logan Forsythe for Dozier. Raley is now back with the team after the trade that also landed them Brisdar Graterol. 

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  1. High point of his Dodger’s career was when he showed up in the dugout on the day he was traded in 2018 in his new LA uniform and a big smile on his face. Would have been nice to have had him for his two year peak (16-17).

  2. Forsythe and Dozier were two short lived Dodger 2B guys. Neither could hit. 2B continues to be a weak spot for the Dodgers.

  3. Thanks for nothing. Obvious roider who had to stop before getting caught. Got a ring in Washington for doing nothing though at least

  4. He had some power and seemed like a good teammate. Wish him a long and happy retirement.

  5. Unless their “small market” status is subsidized by unfair TV time out of market the combined contracts of Machado and Tatis will make them a 2 man team. It is not sustainable.

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