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Dodgers: Former MLB Star Adrian Beltre Gives Back To His Home Community

Every Dodger fan old enough remembers Adrian Beltre’s 2004 season. Were it not for the otherworldly talents (and chemicals) of a certain slugger in San Francisco that season, Beltre would have been the NL MVP. Beltre smashed 48 home runs that year. He had a slash line of 334/388/629 and a 1.017 OPS. He led the 2004 Dodgers to a 93-69 record and a playoff berth.

Good things under the Dodgers “McCourt Era” never lasted, however, and the Dodgers could not retain Beltre as they lowballed his contract offerings and the Seattle Mariners did not, and away he went.

3,166 hits and 477 home runs later, Beltre’s career surged and he found success. He is a sure-fire Hall of Fame inductee when his time comes. He is beloved by fans of every team he played for, and even by fans of teams he never played for.

Beltre The Good Man

Most recently, Beltre has been giving back to the community that he came from. He was seen providing financial resources for the reconstruction of the baseball stadium at Hogar Escuela Santo Domingo Savio, in DR, where he developed as a baseball player.

Beltre was discovered way back in 1994 at Campo Las Palmas, which was a Dodgers facility. He was only 15 years old then, and his life was never the same. Young boys who grow up in the Dominican Republic dream of playing professional baseball, but there are thousands who never set foot on a professional or semi-professional diamond. Beltre was notorious for his community involvement and community giving while a member of the Texas Rangers. Beltre understands the benefit of a facility like the one in his hometown.

It’s wonderful to see him doing what he does best.

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AJ Gonzalez

AJ is a lifelong Dodgers and Lakers fan who grew up in California. His whole family is also lifelong Dodgers fans. He lives in Pennsylvania with his wife, two kids, his guitars, and beagle Kobe.


  1. Where is the government or rich corperations when you need them? Leave it to athletes with big heart to step up to the plate to help their community! VIVA BELTRE!!!

  2. Your describing Beltre as notorious is not what you mean. Notorious typically describes someone who is famous for negative stuff. Jesse James, for example.

  3. One of the worst all time mistakes by the Dodger front office. He had an amazing career and truly is a good guy as well. If they had kept him they might have won one or two more championships.

  4. Which country is that LA42? The Dominican Republic can’t feed its people let alone build a baseball stadium. More athletes should be doing what AB is doing. And in case you haven’t noticed and based on your comments you haven’t a lot of professional athletes make more than most corporations do.

    1. Here are a few multi millionaires from the Dominican that could have helped.

  5. Regardless of who could have helped, regardless of who should have helped, regardless if Baseball is the biggest issue in the DR, Beltre is doing something for the good of others.

    Well done Adrian!

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